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Grand Rank Appointments

The Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Eric Rymer and all brethren of Worcestershire would like to congratulate the members of the Province of Worcestershire who will be appointed or reappointed as acting officers at the meeting of Grand Lodge on Tuesday 11th June.

Justin Parker (0590) to be reappointed Grand Chaplain

Archibald Ian Torrance (1943) to be reappointed as President of the Mark Benevolent Fund

David John Griffiths (1943) Grand Senior Deacon

Stephen Wyer (0590) Grand Senior Deacon

Anthony Edwin Goater (1813) Grand Junior Deacon

Timothy Peter Spriggs (1813) Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

Phillip Donald Rice (1813) Grand Inner Guard

Richard Gale (1623R) Grand Steward

Martin Simon Johnson (1813) Grand Steward

Anthony Morgan Marshall (977) Grand Steward

John Richard Stock (1943) Grand Steward

Paul Alistair Thomson (1938) Grand Steward

Paul Loy Wong (1334)Grand Steward


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