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Making people's
lives better

Masonry has a rich history of structure and events, here we look into that history

Masonry Explored

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The primary reason for Freemasonry is to improve people's lives, this is through the togetherness of our members as well as those we support.

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Our values
are core to us

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Harmony & Enjoyment

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Friendly Degree

Masonry has principles that help

both our members and those we aim

to help

Hope & Encouragement

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Participation & Inclusion

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The Mark in

Number of members: 522

Number of lodges: 24

Year of establishment: 1863

Mark Masonry did not begin in Worcestershire until 1866. If one looks at the Worcestershire yearbook, in particular at the oldest Lodge in Worcestershire, Lechmere No. 59, it says that it was consecrated on 22 April 1863, some three years before Worcestershire practised Mark Masonry. The reason for this is that the Lechmere Lodge was consecrated in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire in 1863 and was originally called The Abbey Lodge No.59. The Lodge moved to Worcestershire in 1866 and the name changed to the Lechmere Lodge. Worcestershire became a Province in December 1884 when Bro Augustus Godson became the first Provincial Grand Mark Master.


Number of members: 60,000

Number of lodges: 1,500

Year of establishment: 1856

The Degree of Mark Master Mason is open to all Master Masons. The ceremony, in which a Brother is 'advanced', can be said to comprise two Degrees; the first in which he is acknowledged as a Mark Man, followed by the second where he becomes a Mark Master Mason. The Mark referred to in its title takes its name from the mark or symbol with which the stonemason identified his work and can still be found in many cathedrals and important buildings.

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The Royal Ark
Mariner Degree

Number of members: 16,793

Number of lodges: 1,026

Year of establishment: 1721

The Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariner, more commonly known as RAM, has been under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons since 1871 and is governed by the Grand Master's Royal Ark Council. However, its early history is obscure. Statutes refer to Grand Lodge being reconstituted in 1772. It is recorded that the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons took possession of the rights to the Grand Lodge of Royal Ark Mariner on 10 June 1884 for just £25.

What are people
saying about joining?

Hear from those who've joined


Having served on H.M. Ark Royal in the 1970’s the crest was Noah’s Ark and that sparked an interest when I became

a Freemason in 2009.

It links me back to

my Sea Services.

Jerry Brown

Member since 2012


The difference between

Mark and RAM Masonry

and all other degrees

is that is measured by 

the width of their smile.

Tony Corfield

Member since 2011


The Mark and the Ark highlight the true spirit of brotherly love, harmony and friendship.

Jay Da Costa

Member since 2014


If I had to choose only one Order, it would be the Mark Degree.

Jeff Whiteley

Member since 1995


The Mark is an amazing Order to join. Very friendly and interesting to learn the ‘story’ behind the Ceremony.

Marc Richards

Member since 2021


A fun, light-hearted Degree which is inclusive within the Advancement
Ceremony, offers a helping hand, and welcomes one, when needed.

Chris Brown

Member since 2015


The welcome in every Lodge is second to none.

John Moore

Member since 1984


Members in

Mark Masonry

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