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A message from the Provincial Grand Master 9th December 2020

Brethren All,

Who would have believed last Christmas what would be in store for us during 2020? A year of isolation, lockdowns and fear. And virtually no Masonry (apart from virtual meetings).

The bright part of the year has been how Mark Masons throughout the Province have supported each other during the pandemic. It has been the practical application of masonic principles and I thank all of you for what you have done for each other this year. If nothing else, many of us have learned how to use video conference technology!

And now, with the rollout of a vaccine, there is light at the end of the Covid tunnel. I do so look forward to being able to be with you physically in the not-too-distant future, to carry on our fraternal and friendly activities in person.

At this special time of year, let’s reflect on the past and remember those of our fraternity who have suffered, but more importantly, let’s look forward to a better future. I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a tremendous 2021. May the Great Overseer of the Universe bless and keep you.

With fraternal regards and best wishes to you and yours

Update 15th June – Please see below the updated guidance for holding online business meetings.

Seven Step Process For Holding A Virtual Business Meeting
Seven Step Process For Holding A Virtual Business Meeting
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