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Bromsgrove Lodge welcomes a new member

Brethren All,

On Friday 8th July, Bro. Thomas Toby Bowett, became the latest Brother to be advanced into the Order of Mark Master Masons in Worcestershire. Ably assisted by members of the Provincial Demonstration Team, the Lodge welcomed Bro Toby Bowett. I was delighted to be the Senior Deacon for the evening and Toby’s father, James, who incidentally only became a Mark Master Mason in November 2021, assisted me as Junior Deacon. It was also a delight to see James present the working tools to his son. Thanks from the Lodge go to W. Bro. Mark Winfield, W. Bro. Mervyn Cummings and W. Bro. Paul Rolands for their participation in the ceremony.

Paul Yarnell: W. Bro. Paul Alan Yarnell Dep. P. G. M. RT W. Bro Eric John Rymer. P. G. M. Bro. Thomas “Toby” Bowett and Bro.Thomas “James” Bowett.

RT W. Bro Eric John Rymer. P. G. M. Bro. Thomas “Toby” Bowett and W.Bro Gordon Crewe

Congratulations to Thomas and all members of Bromsgrove Lodge and many thanks to the brother visitors who assisted on the evening.


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