Services of Remembrance

Last Sunday the 14th November, Services of Remembrance took place throughout the Province.

Worcestershire Mark Master Masons were well represented at all services and we have some very good reminders of the events sent in from participants from Redditch, Stourbridge and Stourport.

Thank you…..Lest we Forget

R.W.Bro Eric John Rymer and W.Bro Paul Yarnell along with W.Bro George Simpson and W.Bro Roger Bennett from the Mark degree along with R.W.Bro Robert Christopher Vaughn and W.Bro Patrick Firminger from the Craft degree and other Worshipful and Brethren at The Redditch Service 

Stourbridge Mark and Craft Brethren adorning their various regalia.

Stourport Mark and Craft Brethren with Bro David Rushforth in uniform.

Many thanks to all of those who took part.


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