Issue 32 Famous Freemasons

On the last communication I included a cartoon which I invited you to supply the caption.  I thanks all those who sent in ideas, but being a past DC there was one that made me laugh.  The submission was from Bro Chris Brown from Malvern Priory Lodge of MMM.

‘I don’t care how W Bro Richard Green does it in the Mark, this is the Craft’
Thank you Chris, but I don’t know if Richard will thank you!

It may seem that we will be able to meet in the not too distant future, I just hope the hairdressers can cope with the strain when they re-open.
At the beginning of the first lockdown I sent a quiz out for you to recognise famous Freemasons, well, I have been asked if I could do another one as many of you didn’t realise that many of them were Freemasons at all.  I have now added more to the list, see how many you can get.

Kind Regards
VW Bro Jeff Whiteley, PGJO, DPGM  
   07973 254278


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