Issue 29 – Mark Well

ISSUE 29 Mark Well


It looks like we are making progress and could possibly start meetings after the 21 June if everything goes well and everyone behaves themselves.  The trousers to my Masonic suit have been in the trouser press for nearly twelve months now. When I take them out I will be able to slice bread with the crease.  If I see you at a meeting, don’t stand too close or I may accidentally cut your shins.

I had quite a few entries and although only one or two managed to get the correct answers, I think many of you struggled, too hard was it?  Here are the answers:-     


How did you do?

I have had some amazing photos from you and I am still accepting submissions up to the end of February.  Debbie and I will then sit down and study them all and pick a winner.  We will publish the winning photo on the web site as well as sorting a price for the photographer.  If you haven’t sent a photo in yet, don’t delay.

This weeks attachment is called Mark Well.  When you were advanced into the Mark Degree, one of the first things you were asked to do was to select a Mark at the Registrar of Marks table.  The Mark chosen is one not the same as any other Brothers Mark and must not contain a Triangle. The structure of it is made up from the Mark alphabet you find at the back of your ritual book, although some Lodges have their own alphabet, mine does, maybe yours does as well.

Do you know the relevance and history behind your Mark.  We see some on large buildings, put on the stones by practising Masons.  There are some really fine examples at Worcester cathedral and at Norwich cathedral.  The paper will give you more of an insight as to how they came about, the different kinds of Marks and what they were intended for.  It’s a little longer than I had hoped, but I thought it was important not to leave anything out.  When you read it you will see a reference to the Giblemites.  This is where I challenge you to find out about the Giblemites and send your findings to me.  On my next communication I will let you all know about them as well as announce the winner of the photo competition.

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