Issue 28: EMOJI Quiz and Photo Competition


Brrr it’s cold, and as my dear Mother used to say, ‘winter drawers on’.  She used to giggle every time she said it, I can’t think why.  I’m guessing, like me, many of you have now had your first jab.  I had mine last weekend after a phone call last Friday evening at 8:00pm asking if I could pop down for an 08:04 appointment the next morning.  Luckily the jab station is only a couple of hundred yards, metres for the younger Brethren, from where I live.  The sooner the vaccination program is complete, the sooner we can hope to get back to meetings.
This time last year I hadn’t heard of Zoom, but currently I seem to be attending more Zoom meetings than I did actual meetings.  I hope you are all coping with the technology or does this ring any bells:- 


This week’s communication is an emoji quiz and it’s not easy. All the answers are famous brands or brand names. I am concerned that you may be sat at home with the winter blues and can’t be bother to do much, so I thought I would try and stimulate you brains, I did say try.



I am also asking you to take some winter photos, two reasons, firstly I need to see how many of you are actually reading my communications and secondly to see how many of you will respond.  I will have a prize for what Debbie and I consider the best photo and the deadline for entries is 28 February.  The photo needs to be your interpretation of winter.  It could be of birds on your bird table, a snowman, the scenery around where you live, even a roaring log fire to keep you warm on these cold days.  I know many of you may have had your winter warmer allowance from the DWP, I spent some of mine on a couple of bottles of single malt whiskey, that keeps me warm inside.  Anyway, back to the photo competition.  You can take photos on cameras or phones and then email them to me.  I will announce the winner in March and send a prize direct.


This is our courtyard and part of the garden, lets see what your photos are.  I am expecting at least a hundred replies, so don’t let me down.
Hopefully I will see some of you on a Zoom call soon.
Jeff Whiteley, P.G.J.O., D.P.G.M.

O7973 254278


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