Grand Officers Mess

Thirty Eight members attended the Annual Grand Officers Mess at Rainbow Hill Worcester on Thursday 6th July.

W Bro Vivian Fogarty passed on the Presidency to W Bro Brian Scoffield who extended a warm welcome to all present. A very nice meal was enjoyed after which the PGM invited comment and discussion on the principal of Grand Officers becoming the Provincial Representative of lodges.

Some were supportive of the principal whilst others advocated caution against any changes in the roll of the current provincial officers of the year. Their appointment as representative of the Provincial Grand Master to a particular lodge being considered a very special Honour.


L/R – V W Bro John King – W Bro John Bentley -V W Bro Michael Homer – W Bro Jeff Whiteley – W Bro Vivian Fogarty, outgoing President and W Bro Brian Scoffield, incoming President.










A Grand Assembly

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