The History of Mark Master Masonry in Worcestershire

At a meeting of the Lechmere Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 59, held on 14th August 1884, W Bro W Barkley, PGD, stated that he had been in communication with Grand Lodge and that they had agreed to the creation of a Province for Worcestershire and that they recognised the determination of this Lodge not to be united with the Province of Herefordshire.

He then moved the following resolution:

“At a meeting of the Lechmere Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 59 Worcester, held at the Masonic Hall, Worcester on August 14th 1884, it was proposed by W Bro W Barkley PGD and seconded by Bro Henry Wilson, Worshipful Master, that the Grand Master for Mark masonry, The Earl of Kintore, be solicited that he will, under Regulation No.54 of the Constitutions of Grand Mark Lodge grant a Provincial Grand Lodge for a Province of Worcestershire. The said Province having now two successful Mark Lodges; and this Lodge further recommends that W Bro Augustus Frederick Godson be the first Provincial Grand Master.”

The motion being put from the Chair was unanimously carried.

Four days later, on 18th August 1884, at a meeting of Godson Lodge of Mark Master Masons, Bro GR Green, proposed a similar proposition which was also carried unanimously.

On the 8th December 1884 at the Masonic Chambers, 95 High Street, Worcester, under the Banner of the Lechmere Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 59, the first Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark master Masons of Worcestershire was held for the Installation of Bro Augustus Frederick Godson as Provincial Grand Mark Master.

The second meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge was held under the banner of Godson Lodge on Monday 15th February 1885 at the Masonic Hall, Kidderminster, when the Provincial Grand Master presided.

2009 saw the 125th anniversary of the Mark Province of Worcestershire and the growth from just 2 Lodges to 21 Mark Lodges and 15 RAM Lodges, representing over 500 Mark Masons.

By the time of our 130th Anniversary the Province had grown to 24 Mark Lodges and 16 RAM Lodges with the additional office of an Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

Our 150th Anniversary will be celebrated in 12 years, 6 months, 15 days.

Provincial Grand Masters of Worcestershire

  • 1884-1906  Augustus F Godson, MP
  • 1907-1919  Lord Athlumney
  • 1919-1933  William T Page
  • 1934-1946  CD Eaton
  • 1946-1950  RM Hadley
  • 1950-1960  Vernon W Grosvenor
  • 1960-1968  William S Burton
  • 1969-1981  Frank Clifford
  • 1981-1986  GE Rackstraw
  • 1986-1993  Rev Canon A Webb
  • 1993-1998  Dr JHH Oliver
  • 1998-2005  Colin Woodward
  • 2005-2015  Francis C Spencer
  • 2015-         Eric J Rymer