Provincial Executive

R. W. Bro. E. J. Rymer P.G.M. – Chairman V. W. Bro. J. W. Whiteley P.G.J.O., D.P.G.M.
W. Bro. P. A. Yarnell P.A.G.D.C., A.P.G.M. W. Bro. S. E. Humberstone P.A.G.D.C., Prov.G.Treas.
W. Bro. R. Stanton, Prov.G.Reg. W. Bro. A. C. Hutt P.A.G.D.C., Prov.G.Sec.
W. Bro. R. J. Green P.A.G.D.C., Prov.G.D.C. W. Bro. J. F. P. Mulligan, Prov.G.Alm
W. Bro. M. J. Winfield G.Stwd., Prov.G.Ch.Stwd.
W. Bro. S. W. S. Southgate, Prov.Dep.G.Sec.
W. Bro. Dr. H. Carlton, Prov.Asst.G.Sec. W. Bro. D. Hughes, Provincial Information Officer

Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Eric John Rymer


Initiated into Freemasonry in Lodge of Loyalty No. 4340 in 1990 his advancement was swift, WM in 1997 and again in 2002 and 2011. He became a member of several other Craft lodges within Warwickshire including the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No. 9253 and the Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge No. 4538, of which he was in the Chair from 2017 to 2018. In Staffordshire, he is a member of his old school Lodge the Old Masonians Midland Lodge No. 6762 and has been in the Chair three times. He is also a member of the Staffordshire Installed Masters Lodge, Foster Gough No. 2706.

His first Provincial Appointment was that of Provincial Grand Steward in 2003 quickly followed by promotion to Past Provincial Grand Junior Deacon in 2004. In the same year he was appointed Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in Staffordshire and then to Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2005, Provincial Junior Grand Warden of Warwickshire in 2006.

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, of Staffordshire 2009 and Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, in the United Grand Lodge of England in the same year.

In 2010 he became Assistant Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire and was further honoured with promotion to Past Senior Grand Deacon in the United Grand Lodge of England.

A member of Israel Chapter in the Holy Royal Arch and Past MEZ currently a Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.

Advanced in the Mark Degree in Charity Lodge No. 430 during 1992, he has since served two terms as Master of the Lodge.  In addition, he is a member of the Worcestershire Installed Masters Lodge No. 1409, the Warwickshire Installed Masters Lodge No. 1400, the Provincial Director of Ceremonies Lodge No. 1813, the Ronald Albutt Lodge No. 1818 and a Founding Member of St Georges Lodge No. 1920. He is also an Honorary Member of Moseley Mark Lodge No. 667, Mancetter Mark Lodge No. 1883 and The Fairways Mark Lodge No. 1938.

Our PGM is a member of the Grand Stewards Lodge and Grand Masters’ Lodge, both standing without number, meeting at Mark Masons Hall London. He had a number of Provincial appointments leading up to his office of Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies in Warwickshire between 2004 and 2009.

His first Grand Lodge appointment was that of Grand Steward of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in 2008. This was quickly followed by another acting rank, Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies from 2010 to 2013.

Elevated into the Royal Ark Mariner Degree in Charity Lodge during 1998 he became Commander in 2004 and served as Treasurer for six years prior to the lodge’s warrant being surrendered in 2014. His Royal Ark Mariner Lodges now are Athlumney No. 590, Worcestershire Installed Commanders No. 1409 and Warwickshire Installed Commanders No. 1400.

The PGM is active in several other orders including, Rose Croix, Red Cross of Constantine and Royal and Select Masters.

Sadly Eric lost his lovely wife Jane. They had two sons of whom he is immensely proud. Ben his eldest is a Surgeon and Jamie a Personal Trainer. He lists his hobbies as Fishing (Trout and Salmon), Shooting, Scuba Diving (Warm water!) and Freemasonry.

Having graduated from university with degrees in modern languages and communications, Eric has spent over 30 years organising conferences, primarily for the corporate sector and also managing conference facilities. His experience as an organiser has been applied to his consultancy work for venues throughout the world.

Deputy Provincial Grand Master V W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley PGJO


Initiated into Freemasonry in Lodge of Grace No. 6211 in Warwickshire, on Valentine’s Day 1995, Jeff became Master of the lodge in 2000 and again during 2007. His first provincial appointment, that of Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies,  coincided  with our Provincial Grand Master’s  year as Provincial Grand Junior Warden and so Jeff had the pleasure of escorting him to Installations on many occasions. Jeff remained in that office for three years before being promoted to Past Provincial Grand Registrar. He joined the Craft in Worcestershire in Lodge of Hope and Charity No. 377 and became WM on two occasions, 2010 and 2011. He was appointed a Provincial Grand Steward in Worcestershire in 2012 and promoted to PPrSGD in 2015.

Advanced in the Mark in Vernon Lodge of Mark Master Masons 923 in 1995 he became Worshipful Master in 2004. As in the Craft Jeff drew early attention and was quickly appointed as the Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2006. The following year he became the Deputy until 2009 when sad circumstances resulted in his early advancement to Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies. Jeff is much admired and served the province with distinction throughout his years as Prov GDC.

Not surprisingly his first Grand Rank was that of Grand Steward in 2011. He was further honoured by being voted President of the Board of Grand Stewards for his year. A member of the Grand Stewards Lodge Jeff currently holds the Office of Assistant Secretary. He received a Grand Rank promotion to PGSD in 2015 and a further promotion to PGJO in 2020 when he assumed the title of Very Worshipful Brother.

Elevated in the Royal Ark Mariner Degree in Vernon Lodge of RAM 923 in 2005 he became Commander in 2009. He received Prov RAMGR in 2009 and was appointed to RAM Grand Rank in 2013.

Exalted into Chapter of St Michael No. 1097 in 2007 he became First Principal in 2011. He was appointed Provincial AGDC in 2014 and again in 2015.

Perfected into St Mary and All Saints Rose Croix Chapter No. 688 in 1998 and Enthroned as MWS in 2012.  He received the 30th Degree in 2013.

He is also an active member in Royal and Select.

Born in Handsworth, Birmingham and educated locally Jeff tried being a Chef on leaving school but hated it. He went back into education through an apprenticeship in Engineering. He liked this better and obtained an Engineering Degree from Birmingham Polytechnic now known as Birmingham City University.

He ran his own successful engineering business from 1978 until 1999. Jeff then took a different direction and moved into Audio Visual Production starting his own company in 2001.

Besides his business interest Jeff remains busy with many hobbies amongst which he lists, Masonry, Playing the Guitar, Reading, Classic Cars and Coin and Mark Masonic Token Collector.

Jeff’s partner is Debbie they have four children in the family and three grandchildren. It has always been evident that Jeff has Debbie’s full support.  She has been a tremendous help and great supporter, especially so during the recent Festival.

Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro Paul Alan Yarnell PAGDC

WBro Paul Yarnell, PAGDC, Assistant Provincial Grand MasterPaul was appointed AProvGDC in 2005 and filled the role for three years until he was promoted to ProvGSwdB in 2008, then ProvGSO in 2010 and ProvGJW in 2015. He received RAMGR in 2017 and PAGDC in 2018.