Worcestershire Carers – continuing support

At the recent Provincial Grand Lodge meeting the Provincial Grand Master was pleased to announce the support for Worcestershire Association of Carers had seen some £3,000 donated to them in the year. The Provincial Grand Master was also pleased to announce that support for them would continue for the ensuing year.

Since the meeting we have received a letter from the Association thanking us all fo the donations received and for the continued support.

Quoting from the letter:

Everything you have done is sincerely appreciated and your donations will benefit many more carers in the community. We wanted to showcase some of the work your continued support has helped us to achieve with carers so have included a small selection of pictures from our recent carers week so that you can see where some of the money goes that you so wonderfully donate to us and our carers.

Athelon drop in Carers Week

Bewdley Drop in Carers Week

Carers Week 2019

Carers Choir 2019

Male carer boat trip, Carers week 2019

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