The D.P.G.M. weekly circular : Issue 9 (17th July 2020)

Brethren all,

Will we or won’t we? Do we want to or don’t we? These questions must be in your thoughts at the moment with regards to the resumption of Masonic meetings. The real criteria is to stay safe and not potentially cause a spike in the virus. If we can resume our meetings without doing this, great, we can all enjoy the camaraderie and one another’s company again in safety. Whatever you decide I will continue to do my best to send out a weekly communication.

I have had many positive feedbacks about the history and about the quizzes, especially the ones where all the family can take part, so, while I continue research I have compiled another quiz which you can ask the family and friends to take part. Its called ‘Where in the World’. It’s a pictorial quiz and when you see the paper you will understand what you have to do. Again, please email me the answers when completed, no cheating.

To lighten the mood I am also starting a weekly joke section and I invite you to send me your contributions, keep it clean. If it makes me laugh then I will circulate it with the weekly communication. Keep them short, one liners almost, here’s a couple to start you off, you can either laugh or groan.

Do bin men get formal training, or do they pick it up as they go along?

Q. What’s a cowboys favourite car? A. Audi…..

Scientists who were initially against genetic engineering have managed to cross a seagull with a sheep, which is a massive ewe tern!

I can hear you groaning already.

Here is the link to ‘Where in the World

Please email me your answers and one liners to

I’ll be back with more history, and your one liners, next week.

Kind Regards,

W Bro Jeff Whiteley, PGSD, DPGM

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