The D.P.G.M. weekly circular : Issue 6 (26th June 2020)

Brethren all.
I am putting this communication together while it is 32 degs outside and probably even hotter inside working at the computer.

I left off the history of Mark Masonry in the Province where there were two Mark Lodges, one RAM Lodge and the Province of Worcestershire had just been Consecrated. I am still doing some research as following the Consecration of the Province things didn’t run too smoothly. With this in mind I will send out the next episode next week. Given the hot weather and the fact that Glastonbury should be taking place at the moment I have decided to send out a music quiz. This one the whole family can take part. It’s an Emoji quiz and you have to work out the band or music artist. There are quite a few so it will keep you and the family busy.

I said I would also give you the answers to ‘Whose a Pretty Boy’, which seems to have stumped many of you. Last week I gave you eleven of the names and nobody came up with the missing name. Well, shame on you all. It was picture number 6 and it was the Grand Master, MW Bro. HRH Prince Michael of Kent. The photograph was taken when he was a Page Boy at the then Princess Elizabeth’s marriage to Phillip Mountbatten.

The full list of answers are :-

  1. RW Bro Eric Rymer
  2. VW Bro Brian Scoffield
  3. W Bro (Stanley) William Southgate
  4. VW Bro John King
  5. W Bro Richard Green. – Yes Brethren this is your Prov Director of Ceremonies.
  6. MW Bro Prince Michael of Kent
  7. W Bro Adrian Hutt
  8. W Bro Jeff Whiteley
  9. W Bro Charles Gwynne
  10. VW Bro (Andrew) Timothy Morris
  11. RW Bro Frank Spencer
  12. W Bro Paul Yarnell

Thanks to all those who took part, I think the highest score was five correct.

Let’s see how many of you have a go at the Emoji Quiz – as usual just click on the button below tto go straight there

Band Emojis Quiz

or those of you who prefer not to click buttons in an E-mail you can find the Emoji Quiz on our Mark Provincial website under ‘Band Emojis Quiz’ in the ‘Downloads’ Section.

Answers to me by E-mail please – as usual a numbered list with your answers alongside will be fine, to :-

Whatever you are doing, please do it safely and don’t forget that you can contact me anytime.

W.Bro. Jeff Whiteley, P.G.S.D., D.P.G.M.

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