The D.P.G.M. weekly circular : Issue 5 (19th June 2020)


I hope this weekly communication is of some interest to you all. I would like some feedback as to whether the content is OK and any other comments you care to make, or any features you would like me to cover.

Today I attach my next instalment about the development of Mark Masonry in Worcestershire and this deals with establishing the Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Worcestershire. Just click the button below or go straight to our web-site and download it from there.

Worcestershire becomes a Province

I sent out a quiz last week entitled, ‘Who’s a Pretty Boy’. I haven’t had any answers back yet so perhaps it was a bit difficult. I will let you know Who’s Who next week but in the meantime I will give you answers to eleven of the twelve photographs. All you have to do is match the names below to the photographs and then tell me who the twelfth person is, simples!

The eleven are:-

PGM RW Bro Eric Rymer
DPGM W Bro Jeff Whiteley
APGM W Bro Paul Yarnell
PPGM RW Bro Frank Spencer
PDPGM VW Bro John King
PDPGM VW Bro Tim Morris
ProvGSec W Bro Adrian Hutt
PProvGSec VW Bro Brian Scoffield
ProvGDC W Bro Richard Green
Prov GAlm W Bro Charles Gwynn
ProvDGSec W Bro Bill Southgate

Come on Brethren, have a guess and email me your answer even if your name is on the list above.

Clicking the button below will take you to the picture quiz

Who’s a Pretty Boy?

For those of you who prefer not to click buttons in an E-mail you can find the documents which are referred to above as usual on our Mark Provincial website in the ‘Downloads’ Section. Please email your answer to :-

Please keep in contact with me and let me know how you are doing and if you need any assistance, perhaps you would like me to cover any subject or answer any question. I don’t mind but please do take the trouble to keep in touch for whatever reason either by E-mail or telephone.

Stay safe and Mark Well.

W.Bro. Jeff Whiteley, P.G.S.D., D.P.G.M.

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