The D.P.G.M. weekly circular : Issue 2 (29th May 2020)

Mark Brethren all
I hope you found last weeks picture quiz of interest. I have had a couple of all correct answers back but I’m not posting the answers until next week so those of you who haven’t sent in yet, you have a bit more time.

Last week I asked for Lodges to send in a brief history of the Consecration of their Mother Lodge and any other interesting facts. I need more information so I can start putting it together. I will over the coming weeks continue to send out information about our Lodges and Province and I do have another quiz in hand.

We have now been in lockdown some nine weeks and there looks like there may be some movement on the horizon to get the country moving again although I expect meetings and gatherings to be one of the last, if not the last, to get back to somewhere near normal. But don’t despair, as I said last week, we can still enjoy our Masonry albeit in a different format.

This week I have prepared some information about the beginning of Mark Masonry within the Worcestershire Province.

Clicking this link will take you to the paper

The Beginning of Mark Masonry in the Province of Worcestershire

For those of you who prefer not to click buttons in an E-mail you can find the paper on our Mark Provincial website under ‘A Brief History’ in the ‘Downloads’ Section. I hope you find it of interest and if you have any comments, suggestions or questions please do not hesitate to contact me at :-

Brethren, please continue to stay safe and anticipate the time when we can all meet again to enjoy each other’s company.

W.Bro. Jeff Whiteley, P.G.S.D., D.P.G.M.

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