The D.P.G.M. weekly circular : Issue 13 (14th August 2020)


13 weeks, unlucky for some. At the start of this lockdown I believed it would only be for a couple of months and we would get back to normal, how wrong can you be. Anyway, I sent a quiz out last week and I know some of you have no interest in F1, while others have sent in their answers already. I have had more correct answers for the F1 quiz than any others I have previously sent out. I would also like to point out that I had some comments about the ‘Where in the World’ quiz saying that Antarctica is not a country. I’m not saying who it was but tough Richard. Oops.

I am still doing research on the history of the Province so I will be sending the next issue out next week. This week’s offering is another quiz to placate those who haven’t got a clue about Formula 1. The quiz this week is all about famous landmarks, which I hope you will all have a go at.

Famous Landmarks

I’ve had some more one liners…here are a few groans

Someone just told me that I don’t know how to shave properly………..bloody cheek!

My mate has crashed his ice cream van…..he’s got Whippylash

Just bought a car that uses wool to power it….its a Lamborghini

I’m going on Mastermind, my specialist subject is ‘The Geography of Wales’, I’m all Clwyd up!

Take care and I’ll talk again next week.

Kind Regards

W Bro Jeff Whiteley, PGSD, DPGM

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