The D.P.G.M. weekly circular : Issue 11 (31st July 2020)

Brethren all,

Well this week end we are seeing a bit of a heatwave, out with the garden chairs, glass of wine and a good book, but don’t get sunburnt.

I have the answers to the last quiz, ‘Where in the World’. I thank you for your answers although no one got them all correct. The two that stumped most people were No 10 Monaco and No 13 Antarctica. Here is a link to all the answers.

Answers to Where in the World?

I’ve been getting lots of one liners now and have had a good groan at some of them. I thank you for your contribution – here are some of the better ones:-

I saw a sign in a house window which said “Television for sale £1 –volume stuck on full” — well I just couldn’t turn that down.

The guy who owned Odeon Cinemas has died today, his funeral is at 12:10, 14:20 and 18:30

A man was caught breaking into a snooker club, so the police placed him under a rest!

What do you call a Judge with no thumbs……Justice Fingers!

Keep ’em coming, I like a good groan.

Anyway, I have issued more history of the Province, this one is about the war years, I hope you enjoy.

The War Years

Don’t forget you can contact me anytime. More quizzes coming soon

Stay safe and Mark well.
Kind Regards

W.Bro. Jeff Whiteley, P.G.S.D., D.P.G.M.

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