St Egwin RAM Installation

Members and Guests who attended the Installation meeting of St Egwin RAM Lodge No 1135 on Monday 14th May.

A most enjoyable evening with the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley presiding accompanied by the Provincial Wardens and the Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

W Bro Peter Ross had the pleasure of Installing W Bro Roger Hall-Jones who has previously held the office of Worshipful Commander in the Tewkesbury Abbey Lodge in the neighbouring province of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.

Left to Right W Bro Mike Gage – Bro Stan Brotherton – W Bro Bill Southgate – Bro Brian Harper – W Bro Eric Lee – W Bro Adrian Hutt – W Bro Melvyn Broadhurst – Bro Stuart Rothero -W Bro John Bentley – W Bro Robin Stanton – W Bro John Pritchard – W Bro Jefrey Whiteley – Bro Paul Taylor – W Bro Mervyn Cummings – W Bro Peter Ross – Bro Des Fagg – W Bro Philip Hill – W Bro Mike Bruton – W Bro Bernard Hardy – W Bro Bill Gregory – W Bro David Stean – W Bro Roger Hall-Jones – W Bro David Collett – Bro Roddy Jones and W Bro John Sermon. W Bro John Icke behind the Lens.

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