St Egwin Lodge No1135

A double advancement at Evesham helped restore membership numbers following recent losses.

Immediately after the opening of the lodge W Bro Bernard Hardy paid tribute to W Bro Michael Blinkhorn,  PGSD who recently passed to the Grand Lodge above. Those present stood in silence in respect of departed merit and were asked to also remember R W Bro Colin Woodward, a Past Provincial Grand Master of our province an Honorary Member of the lodge and W Bro Jim Willis, former Provincial Almoner, who although not a member of the lodge was a valued regular visitor. Three masons whose contribution to the Mark Degree and our province will long be remembered.

Bro Geoffrey Ruddock and Bro Stanley Brotherton with R W Bro Eric John Rymer, PGM



The WM Phillip Hill then invited W Bro John Icke to carry out a double Advancement of Bros Geoffrey Ruddock and Stanley Brotherton. On completion of a most enjoyable ceremony the Worshipful Master congratulated and welcomed the candidates into the lodge. The PGM welcomed them into the order in general and into our province in particular.


The Almoner updated the brethren on the health of W Bro Ron Brookes saying he was not at his best at the moment. However a visit from his good friend, MW Bro Raymond John Smith Pro Grand Master, together with his wife, meant a great deal to both Ron and Dianne and  cheered them up no end.

An excellent festive board rounded off a splendid evening enjoyed by all present.

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