Provincial Grand Lodge 2017

On a very warm seventeenth day of June, the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Worcestershire, took place at the Masonic Hall, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Before the Lodge was opened, RW Brother Francis Charles Spencer, Immediate Past PGM, Grand Director of Ceremonies, together with, R W Bro Stuart Ian Edwards, Past Deputy PGM, PGSW,  were escorted into the Temple by the Provincial GDC. Their arrival was greeted with very warm applause.

The PGM RW Bro Eric John Rymer, entered the Temple through a large column of acting officers and eight visiting Provincial Grand Masters. He was similarly greeted with warm applause.

A delegation representative of every Royal Ark Mariner Lodge was received under the Banner of the order.

Following the singing of the opening hymn Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in due form at 10.45am.

Following customary salutations under the direction of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, the Provincial Grand Chaplain read the names of those who had passed to the Grand Lodge above since our last meeting. This was followed by prayer and a few moments of silent reflection on departed merit.

The RW PGM then Introduced the representatives of all visiting Provinces, the distinguished brethren of our own Province and Rulers of other orders who were all greeted and welcomed with sustained warm applause.

The Provincial Grand Secretary reported that every Mark Lodge was well represented.

The Reports of the Provincial Grand Secretary, Registrar, Charity Steward and Almoner were accepted as circulated prior to the meeting.

The Provincial Treasurer added to his report before announcing a small increase in Provincial Grand Lodge Subscriptions. His report was followed by his re-election for the ensuing year coupled with thanks to the account examiners.

The PGM then updated the brethren on the situation regards VW Bro John King. Expressing how sorry we all are that he was unable to be with us today but that his recovery, although slow, was heading in the right direction and that he would no doubt be amongst us again in the near future.

He announced that it was his pleasure to re-appoint Very Worshipful Brother John Anthony King, PGMO, CM, as Deputy Provincial Grand Master for the ensuing year.

W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley, PGSD, was re-appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

The PGM then appointed his officers of the year followed by Past Ranks and Promotions.

During his address to the brethren the PGM spoke of the introduction of a Worcestershire Provincial Grand Masters Mark Token.

Those having been Advanced during the year leading to the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting will be eligible to receive a token provided they attend the PGL meeting.

By way of celebrating the introduction of the token, entitlement for this year only, was inclusive of those who had been advanced since the Appointment and Investiture of the RW Provincial Grand Master.


The PGM continued his address, the full version of which will be available on the front page of this site, speaking of the work of our Provincial Grand Charity Steward and Provincial Grand Almoner. Announcing that they were to receive the prestigious Provincial Grand Masters Certificate of Merit.

The presentation of the certificate to W Bro George Simpson was acknowledgement of the outstanding and often generous contribution to the success of our charity fund-raising, particularly during the years leading to a most successful Festival Year.

A sentiment that all present echoed, mindful of the role that George’s wife Jenny played throughout those busy years. Their home and gardens were often the venue for Garden Parties, Treasure Hunts and other fund-raising activities.

The Certificate presented to W Bro Jim Willis was also warmly received. Jim followed in the footsteps of a most active Provincial Almoner, the late W Bro Norman Yarnell. I think it fair to say that all perceived that Jim had difficult shoes to fill. However it was not long before we realised that he was most capable of filling the role.

Perhaps an appropriate compliment would be to say the change was seamless. The work undertaken was of a quality to which we were accustomed. Jim has since put his own stamp on the post and has the greatest respect of all brethren.

Throughout the last year circumstance has not been kind to Jim and his Family. HIs own battle with illness was cause for concern to all. Then the joy of news of improvement in his circumstance was marred by the news of Rosemary’s illness and sadly her sudden death. Throughout that period Jim remained resolute and positive and earned the respect of many who admired his ability to cope with such circumstance.The qualities displayed during his term of office have proved his appointment as our Provincial Almoner to be well founded.

THe PGM announced his chosen charity which he hoped the province would support.(Full details are included within his address).

Following a charitable collection Provincial Grand Lodge was Closed in Due Form.

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