Provincial Almoners And Charity Stewards donation to Pearly Kings and Queens

The Provincial Almoners and Charity Stewards Lodge recently received the following letter from the treasurer of the London Pearly Kings & Queens Society Charity Fund:

“I am pleased to announce that the donation made at your annual lunch/dinner on Saturday the 19th of October raised the grand total of £251.00 for the pearly kings and queens charity of which we thank you and your brothers, wives and guests for the magnificent donation.

Both John and Darren stated that they enjoyed meeting them all and telling them the story of both Henry Croft and the pearly kings and queens.

Like your organisation the London pearly kings and queens help those in need and it is with a joyful heart for charity that we both help and assist others in need of our help.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to all of your members, wives and guests for the kind thought of inviting John, Darren and Nicola to your event and I take this opportunity to wish you all well.”

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