New Blood Bike at work in the Province

Earlier in the year, it was announced that the Mark Benevolent Fund awarded over £300,000 to 17 Blood Bike charities nationwide using funds raised by the Charity Walk last May.

The local charity to benefit from this is Severn Freewheelers, who work across three main areas: Worcestershire, Gloucestershire & Wiltshire and are increasingly crossing into Herefordshire.

Blood Bikes provide an invaluable service free of charge and it is no exaggeration to say they save lives by getting blood to patients in a timely manner, but that is not all they get involved in. A recent shift saw Severn Freewheelers undertaking the following:

  • Deliver vital equipment from Alexander Hospital to Worcestershire Royal Critical Care Unit
  • Take a sample of baby’s blood from a community midwife to Worcester Royal Pathology Department
  • Deliver an urgent sample to the National Blood Transfusion Unit in Birmingham

The new 18 plate bike is an impressive BMW 1200 cc tourer and adds to the fleet operated by Severn Freewheelers. It’s a high-performance workhorse, fully liveried with protective panniers for storing bio-hazards. It is also fitted with a tracking device, both for the safety of the riders and for security.

It is gratifying to know that money raised by Masons in the province has helped to fund a bike which will help people in the area when they need it for years to come. It will even be ridden occasionally by one of our own who volunteers for the charity.

About Severn Freewheelers:

Severn Freewheelers is a group of advanced motorcyclists providing a free out-of-hours courier service for hospitals in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, North Wiltshire and Herefordshire. They carry whole blood, pathology samples, patient scans / x-rays, human milk – in fact any medical essentials between hospitals in the area. Their hours are from 7pm in the evening to 7am the following day, and 24 hours at weekends and public holidays.

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