Message from the Provincial Grand Master

Brethren All,

Now we are entering the second week of the lockdown, I trust that everyone has become inured to the frustrations of the essential need to stay indoors and safe during this crisis.

It has meant that we cannot practice the masonry we love and has led to some lonely evenings for many of us.

However, it is also a time when we can try new things; sort out the loft; tidy the toolshed and so much more. Let’s use this enforced idleness in a positive way. (Especially learning ritual)

In particular, let’s keep in touch with our Brethren – use the technology we have – telephone, email, video conference or just standing at the bottom of their garden and waving. I hope that we have always helped a brother in need, but at this time, it is especially important to do so. Be proactive, not reactive.

Keep in touch – and be safe.

Warm masonic wishes,


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