MBF Grand Diamond Award for Lechmere Lodge of Mark Master Masons

At their Zoom meeting on 16th February the Provincial Grand Master was pleased to make a virtual presentation to the Lechmere Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 59.

Earlier in the day the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Barry Benge, had received a package with a note saying “to be left unopened until instructed”.

When the moment came it was the Provincial Grand Master’s privilege to present the Worshipful Master with the MBF Grand Patron Diamond Award on behalf of all of the members of the Lodge, congratulating the Lodge on their sustained effort to achieve this goal. W.Bro. Benge opened the envelope at the request of the Prov.G.M. to disclose the Certificate and Collarette which he displayed for all to see.

Certificate and collarette

The Diamond certificate and collarette.

The Provincial Grand Master went on to observe that Lechmere were only the second Lodge in the Province to achieve this status, the highest available. The first Lodge to reach this milestone is the Provincial D.Cs. Lodge which benefits from a much higher level of membership from its national, indeed worldwide, member base.

The Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W.Bro. Mike Gage, congratulated the Lodge on its success and also noted that there were 9 other Mark and 3 RAM Lodges whose next level of patronage was the Diamond Award and that he could advise them of their current standing if they wished to consider taking this next step.

Our hearthy congratulations to all of the members of Lechmere Lodge of Mark Master Masons.

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