Great start to 2018 in Stourport

In December Vernon Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 923 had to make the call to postpone their meeting due to the snow. Undeterred by this misfortune, the Lodge decided to hold their meeting by dispensation on 3rd January 2018, the same date as Vernon Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 923.

So the scene was set for a successful and enjoyable evening for both Lodges. The RAM Lodge held a short meeting to transact Lodge business. The Mark Lodge then received a talk on Mason’s marks and an enjoyable Mark festive board was shared by all present.

This didn’t mean that Mark overshadowed RAM, however. During the short RAM meeting three Candidates were proposed for Elevation, which is excellent news for the Lodge. The RAM influence extended into the Mark meeting as the talk was presented by the Worshipful Commander, also known as our Assistant Provincial Grand Master Jeff Whiteley.

All in all it was great start to 2018 for both Lodges.

Jeff Whiteley and Phil Martin, respectively the Worshipful Commander of RAM and Worshipful Master of Mark, both enjoying the festive board.

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