Grand promotions in the province

We are very happy to announce the following appointments to Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank:

WBro SP Warner of Vernon Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 923

WBro DT Davies of Teme Valley Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No 1260

Congratulations to both on their well deserved appointments, which will be conferred at the Royal Ark Mariner Grand Investiture at Great Queen Street on 10th December 2019.

Also at the meeting of the Provincial Grand Directors of Ceremonies Lodge on Saturday 5th October WBro RW Kindon of Godson Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 330 was promoted in the field to PGJO, making him VWBro RW Kindon. A special moment indeed and very well deserved.

Brethren, these Masons are well known throughout the province for their wonderful contribution and I am sure you will all join our Provincial rulers in offering our heartiest congratulations to them all.

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