Eaton Lodge – April 2018

Almost Ninety Masons gathered at a recent meeting of Eaton Mark Lodge at Kings Heath, Birmingham for a special meeting where the Sussex Mark Ancient Re-enactment Team put on a most enjoyable demonstration of 18th Century workings of the “Acknowledgement of a Mark Mason”.

A very dedicated team of experienced Mark Masons who have put together a most entertaining demonstration of workings based on documents dated between 1780 and 1850.

The meeting was put on as a possible introduction of the degree to those who had yet to take the fourth regular step and was very well attended by many Craft Masons. Early indications promise some success in recruitment resulting in part from a most enjoyable meeting.

The demonstration Team take back to Sussex a considerable donation towards their coming 2019 Mark Fund of Benevolence Festival where the Provincial Grand Master of Sussex will preside.

The Lodges business was conducted early in the evening before the lodge was closed in preparation for the demonstration.

The second part of the proceedings in the lodge was a presentation and celebration of a 50 Year Certificate to V W Bro Ronald David Gee.

The PGM, R W Bro Eric John Rymer and V W Bro Ron were seated just in front of the WM pedestal. The PGM spoke of Ron’s early years and his education, National Service, and subsequent years as a Teacher.

Following health problems Ron was forced into early retirement from teaching and after a period of recovery sought further employment in other fields. Finally settling on opening a driving school extending his teaching years still further.

Ron’s new business venture was successful, and he spent the remainder of his working life with his wife Muriel and his family at his side.

Ron now lives in France and is appreciative of the conditions which apparently bring much relief to his medical conditions.

Masonic wise Ron has been most active and loyal supporter of the Mark Degree in particular, appointed Provincial Grand Inner Guard two years after going through the chair of his mother lodge, Eaton Lodge MMM, he was soon promoted to Provincial GSOv 1991 then to Provincial GSW in 1996.

In 1999 the then PGM, the late R W Bro Colin Woodward, asked Ron to take on the duties of Provincial Grand Secretary which he was happy to accept. He filled that Office until 2003 going on to become Deputy Provincial Grand Master until 2005.

There followed a wonderful festive board with a buzz about the room for the whole evening. A most splendid evening for which both the PGM and the Lodge WM expressed warm appreciation of everyone, those from within the lodge and at Provincial level, who had contributed to such a splendid occasion.

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