Changes in Provincial Management Team.

In 2013 the current Secretariat of W Bro Brian Scoffield, W Bro Adrian Hutt and W Bro John Icke were formed to manage the secretarial duties on behalf of the PGM and the Province.

During that period the province has been well served in every respect with regards their duties.

W Bro Brian and John have expressed a wish to return to retirement.

Another great stalwart of the Province, W Bro Fred Hall, Provincial Grand Registrar, has also announced that he will be taking a much deserved rest after many years of loyal dedicated service within the Province.

In light of these developments coupled with the changes being introduced by Grand Lodge via KOL, the PGM is taking the opportunity to revamp the combined duties of the two sections by incorporating the Registrars position within the overall structure of the secretariat, providing much needed secretarial assistance via the Keystone on Line Grand Lodge Database and that of the Province.

W Bro Adrian Hutt is to step up to the Office of Provincial Secretary, and W Bro Robin Stanton to that of Provincial Registrar. The remaining offices will be filled by W Bro Bill Southgate as Deputy Provincial Secretary and W Bro Neil Crabbe as Assistant Provincial Secretary.

These new officers will be shadowing their counterparts throughout the period leading up-to our PGL meeting on the 30th June 2018. It is the PGM wish that Lodge Secretaries in particular, will continue to respond to all requests for information in a manner similar to that which the current officers have both enjoyed and appreciated over the past five years.

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