Calling All Craft Masons

Have you ever been curious about the Mark Degree? In some parts of the World, once a Fellowcraft, you are automatically made a Mark Man – Why? Is it the missing link between Craft and Royal Arch Masonry?

On Friday 20th April 2018 at the Moseley Masonic Hall, Kings Heath, Eaton Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 977 are hosting a special meeting with a demonstration team from Sussex who will demonstrate the 18th Century Ceremony of a Mark Man, and any Brother who is a Fellowcraft and above can attend. There will be no need to wear Regalia and afterwards you will witness the Presentation of a 50 year Mark Certificate. There will be a jolly Festive board.

Why not come to this special meeting and find out about the ‘Friendly Degree’? There will be no obligation and we are sure that not only will you find the meeting interesting, but you can also be assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

Please get your Mark Mason friends to invite you or just invite yourself.

The ceremony which will be re-enacted was researched from the archives of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in London and was being worked in English lodges during the 18th century. Before the demonstration is started, it is necessary to mention the subject of “Dreams”. The Volume of the Sacred Law refers to the interpretation of dreams as being of great importance. Life or death could result following an interpretation!

King Nebuchadnezzar was sorely troubled by a dream and demanded of David that he both describe the dream and interpret it. Complying correctly, David became a distinguished figure among Persians. Our ancient brethren subsequently transferred this event to a later period of history and incorporated it into their ritual.

In the ceremony, the Master represents a King of Persia and the Deacons represent the Kings men. They are sent throughout the land to search amongst the magicians and astrologers for someone who could, not only describe the King’s dream but also give the interpretation. They eventually find a captive of the tribe of Judah, who is represented by the candidate and who is able to do this. The King is correctly told that his dream was of a great lion standing by his bedside, ready to devour him and his household if he did not let this captive go down to Jerusalem, there to receive the promise of a Mark Mason. The King agrees that was his dream and orders the captive to be released and allowed to go to Jerusalem, there to assist in the rebuilding of the Holy Temple.

The candidate, having reached Jerusalem, prepares a sample of his work which in due course is accepted. He is then invited to choose his Mark. Before being acknowledged a Mark Mason, the candidate takes a solemn obligation to keep the secrets entrusted to him.

This is followed by a lecture on the history of a Mark Mason followed by a “Charge” directing the candidate how to conduct himself both in Lodge and amongst his fellows. The ceremony ends with a series of Questions and Answers, during which the secrets of a Mark Mason are exchanged.

To book a place or find out more, please contact:

W Bro Trevor Barnes


Tel:                  07944 245292

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