Another successful Provincial Grand Lodge meeting

Saturday 30th June 2018 saw the Province in good cheer for another successful Provincial Grand Lodge meeting.

It may have been a warm day, but what will be remembered is the warmth of the welcome extended to all those attending, including representatives from 26 other Provinces and all of the Lodges within the Province.

For the second year, the Provincial Grand Master presented a special Mark Token to the new Advancees of the year in the Province, with 16 recipients able to attend. This initiative has proved successful and looks certain to become a permanent feature of Provincial Grand Lodge.

The Provincial Officers for the year were appointed and invested and huge congratulations extended to all of them along with an exhortation to make the most of their year in office.

Special notice was taken of two of the outgoing Officers. WBro B Scoffield Past Provincial Grand Secretary and WBro J F Icke Past Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary. Both had given great support to the Province during their years in office as well as in previous roles. In recognition of their exemplary work for the Province the Provincial Grand Master presented a Certificate of Merit to both of them.

The Provincial Grand Master also took the opportunity to address a previous omission and present WBro S I Edwards with a collarette as Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

The Provincial Grand Master was also pleased to present two cheques: one to Lincolnshire for the 2018 MBF Festival and another to Sussex for the 2019 MBF Festival.

All in all a great day was had by all present and it was a wonderful day for the Province at large.

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