A Message from Eric Rymer, Provincial Grand Master

Brethren All,

Today (Saturday 6th June) should have been the Province’s Annual Meeting – an event I look forward to every year. It is a most enjoyable day, with many Brethren present, both Worcestershire members and welcome visitors from other Provinces. We celebrate the past year; remember those who have passed to higher service; thank the Brethren who have been active Provincial Officers; and congratulate those who receive appointments and promotions for the forthcoming year. It is such a happy day.

With the situation as it currently is, we had no choice but to postpone the meeting – such a shame.

However, let me take this opportunity to congratulate all those who receive appointments and promotions today – a list of the active officers can be found at this link while Appointments and Promotions can be found here. Their offices start today. I most certainly look forward to being able to get out and about on the circuit and enjoy our Mark masonry with them. I would also like to thank those Officers who are stepping down today. Their year in office has been sadly curtailed because of the virus, in terms of attending meetings. I thank them all for the meetings they were able to attend, to support the various Lodges, as well as myself, my Deputy and Assistant. In particular, the Wardens – Bob Philips and Trevor Still, did a super job before the lockdown hit us all, as did the DC team under W.Bro. Richard Green – I am most grateful. Welcome to the new Wardens – W.Bros. Jim Mulligan and Stuart Cameron – may they have a good year.

Also, let us remember those Brethren who are about to receive Grand Rank. Next week’s Annual Investiture meeting of Grand Lodge has of course been postponed and it is likely that the September Promotions meeting will suffer the same fate. Our congratulations go to them all.

My grateful thanks also go to the Secretariat, under the leadership of Adrian Hutt, for all the administrative work they have done, much of which is not seen by the membership, but is vital for the continuing good health of the Province. Their work has continued unabated during the lockdown, albeit via virtual media in a lot of instances.

Your executive team have continued to work on your behalf, even though activities have been so curtailed by circumstances. I am so grateful to W.Bro. Jeff Whiteley, Deputy P.G.M. and W.Bro. Paul Yarnell, Assistant P.G.M. for their ongoing support. As I have mentioned, the DC team and Secretariat team have done wonderful work. Also, on behalf of the Province, I thank the Provincial Treasurer, Provincial Almoner and Provincial Charity Steward for their continuing efforts, particularly with regard to charity matters, which have assumed an even greater importance currently.

Above all, Brethren, I thank and appreciate you for all your efforts in supporting each other at this difficult time. Please continue to do so and I look forward very much to the time when I can once again share in your company.

Keep safe and may the Great Overseer of the Universe keep us in all our undertakings. Mark well.

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