50 year certificate for VWBro John Denton

On Thursday 21st February Godson Lodge and visitors had the pleasure of witnessing the presentation of a certificate celebrating 50 years of service to Mark Masonry. The Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Eric Rymer made the presentation to VWBro John Denton PGJO after an informal and informative discussion in the Lodge. Even long-standing members of the Lodge learned a few things about Brother John they didn’t know before. It was a wonderful presentation and will hopefully be a memorable occasion for VWBro John.

L to R: VWBro John King DepPGM, VWBro John Denton PGJO, RWBro Eric Rymer PGM, WBro Ernie Roberts WM, WBro Jeff Whiteley AsstPGM.

The rest of the evening was packed, there were two Grand Lodge certificate presentations and an Advancement ceremony. At the festive board members of the Fairways Lodge presented the travelling pig to the Lodge along with a book recording its travels for the Lodge to fill out before passing it on.

A wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

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