£3,000 to local hospital appeal

Brethren see the acknowledgement from the appeal chairman in connection with the recent donation to our local hospital appeal.

Dear George,
I am writing to thank you and all the Free Masons of the Worcestershire Mark Master Mason
Lodges for the wonderful donation of £3,000.00 you kindly presented to me at the Worcester Bosch Business Event on Friday 10th March 2017. Without such support and donations, we would not be where we are today so a big thanks to you to everyone involved.

The Appeal is growing and currently stands at over £330,000.00 with your donation. We are still a long way from reaching our final goal of £ l million we need to raise over the next few years, It is however, due to donations from individuals, groups. organisations and companies within the community that has allowed us to secure the robot for the Worcestershire hospitals to assist in the operations undertaken by our highly committed and skilled Urology surgeons and their teams.
Please feel free to visit the web site where you can keep abreast ot the fundraising events and the progress we are making.
Please spread the word about the appeal and prostate cancer in general as it is only by men talking about it, that the issue will be highlighted and other men become aware of the possible risk to their health and diagnosis at an early stage may take place With a better outcome.

Best wishes,

Ian A. Jukes
Chairman of the Appeal.


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