If you have anything you feel would be of interest to members of the Mark in Worcestershire, please send full details to the Provincial Information Officer.

His details can be found on the Contacts page.

General Purposes Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the Worcestershire Mark Provincial General Purposes Committee (GPC) will be be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday 30th January 2018 at the Masonic Hall, Rainbow Hill, Worcester.

In accordance with the Provincial bylaws, those eligible and encouraged to attend the GPC Meeting from your Lodge are:

The Worshipful Master / Worshipful Commander;  The Treasurer;   The Secretary / Scribe;

The Almoner;  The Charity Steward and such other Past Master(s) as shall wish to attend.

Provincial Officers 2018-2019

The Provincial Grand Master has announced that the following Brethren will to be Appointed and Invested at the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting to be held on the 30th June 2018.

No doubt you join us in offering them warmest congratulations and wish them good health to enjoy the year. 

Senior Warden W Bro Roger MIchael Bennett St Laurence Lodge 893
Junior Warden W Bro Mark John Winfield Godson Lodge 330
Master Overseer W Bro David Andrew Stean St Egwin Lodge 1135
Senior Overseer W Bro David John Collett St Laurence Lodge 893
Junior Overseer W Bro Alan Richard Payne Athlumney Lodge 590
Chaplain W Bro Justin Trevelyan Parker AGChap Athlumney Lodge 590
Treasurer W Bro Simon Everard Humberstone Eaton Lodge 977
Registrar W Bro Robin Stanton St Laurence Lodge 893
Secretary W Bro Adrian Carl Hutt PAGSwdB St Egwin Lodge 1135
Director of Ceremonies W Bro Richard John Green PAGDC Malvern Priory Lodge 1351
Almoner W Bro Charles Morgan Gwynn  PAGDC  Perseverance Lodge 733
Charity Steward W Bro Michael John Gage PPrGJW St Egwin Lodge 1135
Inspector of Works W Bro Patrick Joseph Lennon Perseverance  Lodge 733
Sword Bearer W Bro Paul Loy Wong Bromsgrove  Lodge 1334
Deputy Chaplain W Bro David John Hughes Centenary Lodge 1623
Deputy Secretary W Bro Stanley William Scott Southgate MIllennium Lodge 1822
Deputy D of C W Bro Stuart James Cameron Lechmere Lodge 59
Senior Deacon W Bro Howard Carlton Athlumney Lodge 590
Senior Deacon W Bro Matthew Henry Rochelle LechmereLodge 59
Junior Deacon W Bro Martyn Peter Wilcox Teme Valley Lodge 1260
Junior Deacon W Bro Peter Gerard Ibbotson Vea Secunda Lodge 1980
Assistant Chaplain W Bro Paul George Whitefield Godson Lodge 330
Assistant Secretary W Bro Neil John Ernest Crabb Vernon Lodge 923
Assistant D of C W Bro Derek Wyn Owen Eaton Lodge 977
Organist Bro Alexander Michael Sinton Lechmere Lodge 59
Standard Bearer W Bro Christopher Robin Hopes Malvern Priory Lodge 1351
Assistant Std Bearer W Bro Richard Christopher Field St Laurence Lodge 893
Inner Guard W Bro David Keith Kingscott Millennium Lodge 1822
Steward W Bro Trevor Rodway Barnes Eaton Lodge 977
Steward W Bro Alan Clift ASKH Lodge 1462
Steward W Bro  Leo William Brown Stechford Lodge 747
Steward W Bro Geoffrey Michael Watkins Vernon Lodge 923
Tyler W Bro Sean Paul Warner PPrGReg Vernon Lodge 923


PPrGSD W Bro Thomas G Brown Centenary Lodge 1623
PPrGSD W Bro William George Gregory St Egwin Lodge 1135
PPrGJD W Bro Richard Kenneth Abbots Mosley Lodge 1334


PPrGSW W Bro Malcolm Roy Hancox Godson Lodge 330
PPrGJW W Bro William Timmins Perseverance Lodge 733
PPrGJW W Bro David Anthony Stanford Eaton Lodge 977
PPrGJW W Bro Stephen John Wyer Athlumney  Lodge 590
PPrGJW W Bro Peter Ransome Vernon Lodge 923
PPrGMO W Bro Richard Charles Moore Stechford Lodge 747
PPrGMO W Bro Peter Eastbury Bromsgrove  Lodge 1334
PPrGSO W Bro Michael Dennis Gibbs Godson Lodge 330
PPrGJO W Bro George William Lamb Lechmere Lodge 59
PPrGJO W Bro William Liggins Stechford Lodge 747
PPrGSD W Bro Ivan Clifford Potts ASKH Lodge 1462
PPrGSD W Bro Ivor Edmund John England ASKH Lodge 1462


Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Geoffrey Michael Watkins Vernon Lodge 923
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Mark John Winfield Abraham Green Lodge 330
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro William George Gregory St Egwin Lodge 1135
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro William Leonard Patey Ark Lodge 59
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Robert Henry Parry Teme Valley Lodge 1260
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Richard Kenneth Abbots Moseley Lodge 667
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Leo William Brown Stechford Lodge 747

An Invite from The WM of Quill and Key Lodge

Dear Sir or Brother,

Anne & I are delighted to invite you and your partner to our Annual Sunday Lunch on Sunday 28th January 2018, at Knowle Masonic Centre, 1621, Warwick Road, Knowle, Solihull B93 9LF. Time 12.15 am for One O’Clock. We will start with a ‘fizzy’ reception and wine or soft drinks with your meal are also included. In addition, a cash bar is available.

This has over the years been a very successful event and has enabled family and friends to meet in an atmosphere of convivial friendship.

Attached are the Menu choices. Should you wish to join us please let me have the Names of any guests and your cheque in payment by Friday 12th January 2018. We will be once again setting out the dining arrangements in tables of 10. Please advise me of any preferred seating requirements.

Anne and I look forward to the pleasure of your company on the day.

Yours Sincerely and Fraternally

David Carey 

Worshipful Master  

Quill & Key Lodge

Please advise David Carey of your individual choice


Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Soup.

Melon served with tropical fruit with mango sorbet and fruit coulis.

Prawn & avocado salad served with cocktail sauce.

Main Courses

Slow Braised Beef served in a rich wine sauce

Roast Chicken served with seasoning & chipolata sausages

(V) Wild mushroom lasagne served with rocket

All Main Courses are served with a Selection of Fresh Market Vegetables & Potatoes


Vanilla Cheesecake served with blueberries marinated in cassis served with ice cream.

Homemade Apple Tart, served with Chantilly cream

Cheese board selection of cheese with chutney, celery & grapes.


Coffee or tea served with mints & truffles

David Carey, 46, Woodchester Road, Dorridge

Solihull B93 8EJ

Tel: 01564 776711


Great start to 2018 in Stourport

In December Vernon Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 923 had to make the call to postpone their meeting due to the snow. Undeterred by this misfortune, the Lodge decided to hold their meeting by dispensation on 3rd January 2018, the same date as Vernon Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 923.

So the scene was set for a successful and enjoyable evening for both Lodges. The RAM Lodge held a short meeting to transact Lodge business. The Mark Lodge then received a talk on Mason’s marks and an enjoyable Mark festive board was shared by all present.

This didn’t mean that Mark overshadowed RAM, however. During the short RAM meeting three Candidates were proposed for Elevation, which is excellent news for the Lodge. The RAM influence extended into the Mark meeting as the talk was presented by the Worshipful Commander, also known as our Assistant Provincial Grand Master Jeff Whiteley.

All in all it was great start to 2018 for both Lodges.

Jeff Whiteley and Phil Martin, respectively the Worshipful Commander of RAM and Worshipful Master of Mark, both enjoying the festive board.

Alfred Edward George 1932-2017

It is with much sadness that we report the death of W Bro Alfred Edward George of Stechford Lodge of MMM No 747.

Having received the news rather late we regret that the funeral has already taken place.

Alfred was Advanced into the Mark Degree in Beaconsfield Lodge in 1990 and served as Master in 2000. He  joined our province in 2009 becoming a member of Stechford Lodge. He went on to be Worshipful Master of that lodge in 2014.

He was Elevated into the Royal Ark Mariner Degree in 1991 also in Beaconsfield Lodge RAM and became  Commander in 1997. Having joined Stechford RAM Lodge in 2011 he became Worshipful Commander during 2014.

W Bro George held the rank of Past Provincial Grand Senior Deacon in his home province of Essex since 2003. He accepted the same Provincial Rank in Worcestershire in 2014.

A well-known and much respected member of his lodge he will be sorely missed by all.

Busy Night at Worcester

New member of RAM Bro Paul Webber and the new Commander W Bro Brian Chadd

A good number of visitors joined members of the Ark Lodge No 59 on Tuesday 19th December to witness the Elevation of Bro Paul Scott Webber. Worshipful Commander Chris Hopes Invited W Bro Jim Mulligan to take the chair. The elevation team, assisted by several past commanders, presented a most enjoyable ceremony. The signs were delightfully explained by W Bro Brian Scoffield.

Following the elevation ceremony Bro Brian Chad was Installed Worshipful Commander for the ensuing year and immediately Appointed and Invested his officers for the year.

Excellent news for the lodge under propositions when TWO further candidates were mentioned for elevation.

An excellent festive board followed at which £261 was raised through the Alms collection and a small raffle.

The PGM acted as Presiding Officer in the absence of V W Bro John King who has a touch of sickness. We wish him a speedy recover so that he and Sheila can enjoy the Christmas period.

Changes in Provincial Management Team.

In 2013 the current Secretariat of W Bro Brian Scoffield, W Bro Adrian Hutt and W Bro John Icke were formed to manage the secretarial duties on behalf of the PGM and the Province.

During that period the province has been well served in every respect with regards their duties.

W Bro Brian and John have expressed a wish to return to retirement.

Another great stalwart of the Province, W Bro Fred Hall, Provincial Grand Registrar, has also announced that he will be taking a much deserved rest after many years of loyal dedicated service within the Province.

In light of these developments coupled with the changes being introduced by Grand Lodge via KOL, the PGM is taking the opportunity to revamp the combined duties of the two sections by incorporating the Registrars position within the overall structure of the secretariat, providing much needed secretarial assistance via the Keystone on Line Grand Lodge Database and that of the Province.

W Bro Adrian Hutt is to step up to the Office of Provincial Secretary, and W Bro Robin Stanton to that of Provincial Registrar. The remaining offices will be filled by W Bro Bill Southgate as Deputy Provincial Secretary and W Bro Neil Crabbe as Assistant Provincial Secretary.

These new officers will be shadowing their counterparts throughout the period leading up-to our PGL meeting on the 30th June 2018. It is the PGM wish that Lodge Secretaries in particular, will continue to respond to all requests for information in a manner similar to that which the current officers have both enjoyed and appreciated over the past five years.

Provincial Grand Wardens 2018

The PGM is pleased to announce that W Bro Roger Bennett of St Laurence Lodge No 893 has accepted his invitation to become Provincial Grand Senior Warden of the PGL of MMM for the masonic year 2018-19.

Roger is well-known to many having been Advanced into Mark Masonry in St Laurence Lodge during 1999. He became Worshipful Master of the lodge in 2007 and again in 2014. He is a Founding member of both the Quill and Key Lodge No 1901 and Vea Secunda Lodge No 1980. Also an Honorary Member of St Georges Lodge No 1920 in Kidderminster. When Bromsgrove Lodge of MMM moved to Redditch on the closure of the Bromsgrove Masonic Hall, Roger joined the lodge to offer moral support in setting up in a new home. He has gone on to become a very loyal, energetic and valued member of the lodge.

Additionally the PGM was pleased to announce that W Bro Mark Winfield of Godson Lodge No 330 has been pleased to accept his invitation to become Provincial Grand Junior Warden.

Mark is also well-known throughout the province. Advanced into the Mark Degree in Godson Lodge No 330 during 1998 he has been Worshipful Master of the Lodge on three occasions 2005, 2009 and 2012.  Mark has spread his Mark Masonry into Stourport where he has become a valued member of Vernon Lodge No 923 serving as Master in 2016. Mark is delighted with the offer of being a Provincial Warden and very  much looks forward to next year. Mark has strong masonic family connections, son of the late Gerald Winfield a PGJD, his brother Paul is also a freemason and he hopes to initiate his son into his Craft Lodge during 2018.

We offer warm congratulations to both our brothers on the news of their preferment. We wish them very good health that they may enjoy a very special and much deserved year ahead.

RAM Grand Assembly

A good number of Worcestershire Mark Masons attended the Royal Ark Mariner Grand Assembly held at Masons Hall, Great Queen Street, London on Tuesday 12th December in support of W Bro Roy Piddington and W Bro Paul Yarnell who were invested with Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank by the Pro Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother Raymond John Smith.

Roy was our Provincial Senior Warden during 2014, Elevated in St Laurence Lodge RAM during 2002 he became Commander in 2005 and received Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank in 2009.

Roy and Paul looking happy and relaxed after a long but memorable day.



Paul was our Provincial Grand Junior Warden in 2015. He was Elevated in Bromsgrove Lodge RAM during 2000 and became Commander during 2005.He joined Moseley Lodge RAM in the same year he was elevated into Bromsgrove Lodge and filled the office of Commander simultaneously in the two Lodges. He has since held the office of Commander in both Lodges for a second time, in Moseley Lodge during 2012 and  currently in Bromsgrove Lodge.

Paul received Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank in 2009.

We offer warmest congratulations to them both.

Bromsgrove Lodges Christmas Party

Members and friends were joined by a party from St Egwin Lodge to open this years Christmas Festivities in our province. £140 proceeds from a small raffle will benefit “Battle Back” the PGM chosen Charity for the current year. Many thanks to Irving Horne who once more entertained during the meal with christmas music before accompanying the Ladies Song, Carols and the Parting Song. Thanks also to Roger Bennett who has taken on the MC’s duties whilst Fed Hall is taking a well deserved rest from his busy schedule.

Last but not least many thanks to Doug and Vivienne Allen for their  tireless efforts in putting the event on.

Eaton Lodge MMM Lunch Date

The Eaton Lodge of Mark Master Masons and R A M No 977

Ladies Luncheon 2018

 The Worshipful Master W Bro Graham Humphries and Ann have decided to continue with the long-established!! custom of holding a Ladies Informal Carvery Lunch on Sunday February 4th, 2018 commencing at 1.00pm.

The event is open to all and it is hoped that Brethren will invite friends and families to join them.

The event will take place at Kings Heath cricket club, 247 Alcester Road South B14 6DT. (A few doors above the Masonic Hall).

The carvery (no turkey) will be followed by a choice of sweets and a coffee or tea. Special dietary requirements can be available on request prior to the day.

The cost will be £16.00 per head and a raffle will be held (prizes would be appreciated) and the proceeds given to the Almoners fund.

Contact Trevor Barnes on 07944245292 or if you want to attend, you are assured of a warm welcome.

100 Club November Draw

The winners in the latest draw of the 100 Club made at  Dudley are:

No 48 Trevor Still of Lechmere Lodge No 59

No 45 Fred Hall of Bromsgrove Lodge No 1334

£500 for Rory the Robot Prostate Cancer Appeal

The Rory The Robot Prostate Cancer Appeal received a further donation of £500 when Chris Hopes and Ken Hill, on behalf of The Malvern Priory Lodge of Mark Master Masons, presented Ian Jukes with a cheque at Worcester Golf Club recently.

The lodge has an ongoing fund-raising awareness with respect to this local hospital appeal.

Warwickshire Installed Masters

Warwickshire Installed Masters and Installed Commanders Lodges are to meet at Moseley Masonic Centre Kings Heath, Birmingham on Wednesday 31st January when R W Bro David Rawlins will celebrate 50 years a Mark Mason.

A Past Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire between 2007 and 2012 David is also remembered as Deputy Provincial Grand Master of our Province between 1981 and 1990.

It is anticipated than many from our province will want to join the Warwickshire brethren in celebrating David’s wonderful achievement and service to our provinces and to Mark Masonry in general.

We are promised a summons early January but in the mean time a note in the diary……

Malvern Priory Lodge of MMM


The latest member of Malvern Priory Mark Lodge was Advanced on Wednesday 8th November by the WM Tony Baker.

A few visitors joined the regular members to welcome Bro Robert Heritage into the lodge and into Mark Masonry in general.

A splendid evening very much enjoyed by all present.

L/R W Bro C M Henderson, Treasurer Elect, WM A J Baker, Candidate Bro R C Heritage and Bro M A King, Master Elect

Quill and Key Lodge

Members and Guests enjoyed an enactment of an ancient advancement ceremony put on by the Warwickshire Demonstration Team at their recent meeting held at Northfield, Birmingham.

An excellent evening was made complete with the mention of TWO new joining members.

Worshipful Master David Carey, V W Bro John King Deputy PGM and the Warwickshire Demonstration Team.

October 100 Club Draw

The winners in the most recent Provincial 100 club draw which took place on Tuesday 17th October are:


No Name Lodge
93 Eric Rymer 1920 St Georges Lodge
8 Richard Green 1351 Malvern Priory

RAM Grand Ranks

The Provincial Grand Master is pleased to announce that W Bro Paul Yarnell and W Bro Roy Piddington are to be invested with RAM Grand Rank at the Annual RAM assembly meeting of Grand Lodge to be held on Tuesday 12th December 2017.

We offer them warm congratulations on the news of their appointments and look forward to being with them to celebrate on the day.

Fairways Lodge

Bro Geoffrey Walker and W M David Smith

The most recent meeting of the Fairways Lodge took place at Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club on Thursday 5th October. As always a game of golf came before the lodge meeting. A good number of members enjoyed bright sunshine throughout the day although the general scoring did not necessarily reflect the good conditions.

The Competition was won by Gerry Logue with 34 points.Gerry also took the longest drive prize whilst Colin Kerfoot carried off the nearest the pin prize.

Geoff Walker, who was later advanced into the lodge, made the most of his last game as a visitor carding a very creditable 34 points to win the visitors prize.

Several non golfing visitors joined the members for the advancement of Bro Geoffrey Walker. Excellent work by the Worshipful Master, David Smith was enhanced by the contribution of several members throughout the ceremony.

During a response to a toast at the festive board, the candidate thanked everyone, saying how much he had enjoyed the ceremony and that he now understood why Mark Masonry is referred to as the friendly fun degree of freemasonry.

Both the Secretary W Bro Mel Broadhurst, and the Treasurer W Bro Mike Gage, confirmed that they would not be continuing in office following the Installation meeting in April and arrangements were put in hand for their successors to be appointed at the next meeting.

Provincial Grand Charity Steward

The Provincial Grand Master is sorry to announce that he has accepted the resignation of our Provincial Grand Charity Steward – W Bro Joseph Marzouk on personal grounds.

He expressly wishes to thank W Bro Joseph for his work during his term of office and wishes him and his family all the best for the future.

Accordingly he is pleased to announce that an offer of appointment has been accepted and that W Bro Michael John Gage, Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden, will fulfill the duties of Provincial Grand Charity Steward with immediate effect.

W Bro Michael is currently Treasurer of St Egwin Lodge and Founding Treasurer of The Fairways Lodge. An experienced Mark Mason who will bring zeal, care and diligent application to the duties of Charity Steward.

Provincial DC Lodge No 1813

The Provincial Directors of Ceremonies Lodge No 1813 met on Saturday 30th September at the Masonic Hall Harrogate, under the Mastership of RW Bro Jim Truswell, PPGM for West Yorkshire.

Also in attendance were the PGM’s for West Yorkshire, RW Bro Jim Steggles; the PGM for Nottinghamshire, RW Bro Peter Ball; and the PGM for East Lancashire, RW Bro Alex McLaren, together with 72 members of the Lodge and visitors.

The hospitality received in West Yorkshire was superb and the Lodge received a very interesting talk from W.Bro. Dr. Rod Taylor, PGJD, (APGM, West Yorkshire) entitled “The First Royal Mark Mason”, who was Prince Leopold, one of Queen Victoria’s sons.

St Egwin Lodge No1135

A double advancement at Evesham helped restore membership numbers following recent losses.

Immediately after the opening of the lodge W Bro Bernard Hardy paid tribute to W Bro Michael Blinkhorn,  PGSD who recently passed to the Grand Lodge above. Those present stood in silence in respect of departed merit and were asked to also remember R W Bro Colin Woodward, a Past Provincial Grand Master of our province an Honorary Member of the lodge and W Bro Jim Willis, former Provincial Almoner, who although not a member of the lodge was a valued regular visitor. Three masons whose contribution to the Mark Degree and our province will long be remembered.

Bro Geoffrey Ruddock and Bro Stanley Brotherton with R W Bro Eric John Rymer, PGM



The WM Phillip Hill then invited W Bro John Icke to carry out a double Advancement of Bros Geoffrey Ruddock and Stanley Brotherton. On completion of a most enjoyable ceremony the Worshipful Master congratulated and welcomed the candidates into the lodge. The PGM welcomed them into the order in general and into our province in particular.


The Almoner updated the brethren on the health of W Bro Ron Brookes saying he was not at his best at the moment. However a visit from his good friend, MW Bro Raymond John Smith Pro Grand Master, together with his wife, meant a great deal to both Ron and Dianne and  cheered them up no end.

An excellent festive board rounded off a splendid evening enjoyed by all present.

Provincial Almoner

The PGM is pleased to announced that W Bro Charles Morgan Gwynn, TD. has accepted the office of our Provincial Grand Almoner and will be invested a little later in the year.

Charles’ is an experienced Almoner having held that position in Craft Masonry for some time.

We offer very warm congratulations and wish him well in his new office.

100th Anniversary Meeting

A packed lodge room welcomed the RW Bro John Herbert Prizeman, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons to Moseley Masonic Hall, Kings Heath,  for the 100th Anniversary celebration of Moseley Lodge of Mark Master Masons, on Monday 25th September.

The Lodge having been designated host of the Four Provinces Meeting for 2017, an impressive attendance was anticipated and the numbers did not disappoint. Each province was represented by their Provincial Grand Master. Additionally a number of Deputies and Assistant  Provincial Grand Masters also attended. Strong support from the brethren of the respective provinces filled the lodge room and packed the tables at the festive Board.

L/R RW Bro Francis Charles Spencer, GDC – VW Bro John Anthony King, Deputy PGM – RW Bro Ryan Andrew Williams, GSec – W Bro Josephus Adewale Davies, WM Moseley Lodge – RW Bro John Herbert Prizeman, Deputy Grand Master – RW Bro Eric John Rymer, PGM – W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley, APGM

Immediately after the opening the PGM, RW Bro Eric John Rymer, took the chair and made  mention of three members of Moseley Lodge who had recently passed to the Grand Lodge above, R W Bro Colin Woodward Past Provincial Grand Master of the Province from 1998 until 2005. W Bro James Willis PAGDC, Provincial Grand Almoner and W Bro Alan White who we all knew as Chalky. The loss of three active brothers within such a short space of time was a sad loss to the lodge, the province and freemasonry in general.

RW Bro Colin Woodward is recognised as the originator of the idea of a Four Provinces Meeting which has grown into an eagerly awaited and very well attended annual meeting in all four provinces. He would have been proud to have been present this evening.

The Lodge, through the Grand Director of Ceremonies, R W Bro Francis Charles Spencer, had secured the services of the Grand Masters Lodge of Instruction Team who carried out a most enjoyable ceremony when Advancing Bro David Andrew Phillip Thompson, into Moseley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 667.

The RW Bro Ryan Andrew Williams, Grand Secretary, rose to say there were occasions when his high office presented the opportunity to take privileges which were not normally exercised. However  on this occasion he could not resist the temptation of having prepared the candidates Grand Lodge Certificate, which he produced, explaining the significance of the content to the candidate prior to the Deputy Grand Master making a formal presentation.

To our knowledge a first for any candidate within Worcestershire.

The Grand Secretary was further called upon to read the Moseley Lodge original warrant from 1917. This was followed by a reading of the Centenary Warrant prior to it being presented to the Worshipful Master W Bro Josephus Davies by the Deputy Grand Master.

Centenary Jewels where then presented to all Subscribing and Honorary Members. It was  announced that the lodge would be pleased to offer Honorary Membership to RW Bro John Herbert Prizeman, RW Bro Ryan  Andrew Williams, RW Bro Eric John Rymer, RW Bro David John Frederick Rawlins and W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley, which all were pleased  accept.

The brethren then retired to enjoy a festive board held in a warm and friendly  atmosphere typical of Mark Masonry. During a superb address to the brethren our Deputy Grand Master endeared himself to the brethren by his quick wit and ease of address. Both he and the Grand Secretary received gifts of Worcester Porcelain, appropriately manufactured in 1917.

A wonderful occasion that the lodge members will look upon as a very special evening in the  history of the lodge.


Gerald Winfield 1927 – 2017

We are very sorry to announce the death of W Bro Gerald Winfield yet another much respected senior Mark Mason within our province.

Gerald passed to the Grand Lodge above on Saturday 23rd September.

A prominent and active mason in other orders Gerald became a member of the Mark Degree during 1959 when he was Advanced in Godson Lodge No 330. He became Master for the first time in 1970 and again held that office in 2000. His first Provincial Appointment was that of Past Provincial Junior Overseer in 1987. He was promoted to Past Provincial Grand Junior Warden in 1992 and to Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden in 1999.

Gerald was appointed a Past Assistant Grand Standard Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Mason of England and Wales and its Districts and Lodges Overseas in 2000 and promoted to Past Grand Junior Overseer in 2013.

Elevated into the Ancient and Honourable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners in Abraham Green Lodge No 330 in 1990 he first became Worshipful Commander of the lodge in 1994 going on to be Commander on two further occasions during 2003 and 2004.

Appointed to Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank during 2001 he went on to be appointed to Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank in 2011.

Gerald was a tremendous supporter of his mother lodges and he will be sorely missed not only by his brothers at Dudley but by all who knew him.

As always our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time.

The Funeral will take place on Wednesday 18th October 2017 at 12:20 at Gornal Wood Crematorium, Chase Road, Dudley, DY3 2RL

The Family invite anyone attending for refreshments afterwards at The Lodge Rooms (Dudley Masonic Hall), Wellington Road, Dudley, DY1 1RD.

100 Club

The winners in the most recent Provincial 100 club draws are:


No Name Lodge
22 Terry Davies 1260 Teme Valley Lodge
13 Michael Taylor 1462 All Saints KH Lodge


70 David Hutt
62 Matt Cannings 667 Moseley Lodge


58 Mel Broadhurst 59 Lechmere Lodge
90 Trevor Still 59 Lechmere Lodge


Michael Laxton Blinkhorn 1931 – 2017

It is with great sorrow that we report the death of Michael Blinkhorn of St Egwin Lodge, Evesham. Michael passed away on the morning of Saturday 16th September.

He will long be remembered for his devotion to Freemasonry, particularly in Evesham where he has been part of the management team of the Masonic Hall Company for many years, culminating as Chairman of the Board for many years until ill health forced his retirement.

Michaels business interests were represented in both his home village of Broadway and in Offices in Vine Street, Evesham with branches of his Valuation/Auction and Estate Management Services outlets. His other interests included motor sports, a past president of the Bugatti Club whilst actively involved in the world-famous Prescott Hill Climb Trials in Gloucestershire.

A very busy and most highly respected gentleman. A very active freemason, a Grand Lodge Officer in the craft for many years, a member of both Abbott Lichfield Craft Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter, a Member of  Simon de Montfort Preceptory of Knights Templar and Knights of Malta besides membership of many other side orders.

Michael joined the Mark Family during 1971 when Advanced into St Egwin Lodge and became Worshipful Master in 1979. He was appointed Provincial Grand Junior Warden in 1984 and got his first Grand Rank in the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons, that of Past Grand Standard Bearer, in 1990 and subsequently promoted to Past Grand Senior Deacon in 2008.

Elevated into the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Royal Ark Mariners in 1976 he became Worshipful Commander of St Egwins Lodge in 1983. Appointed to Provincial RAM Grand Rank in 1992 and to Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank in 2000.

He will be sorely missed for his extensive knowledge and guidance in all walks of life.

Our thoughts and prayers now turn to Nancy and the family.

The Funeral will take place on Thursday October 5th, at 2pm at St Michaels Church, Snowshill Road. Broadway, WR12 7AE.

There are parking spaces at rear of church.

The funeral will be followed by a Celebration of Michaels Life at Broadway Golf Club, WR12 7LG.

James Willis 1951 – 2017

It is with great sadness that we report the death of our brother James Willis who passed away in the Alexander Hospital Redditch early this morning.

Jim’s last year has been very difficult having lost his beloved Rosemary whilst he himself battled illness. Jim was justifiably held in very high regard. The manner in which he has conducted himself during these difficult times is an example to us all. He was brave and remained positive and dignified in manner. When I last spoke with him his concern was for others who were not well and missing the benefit of his services as our Provincial Almoner.

Jim first joined Mark Masonry when Advanced into St Laurence Lodge No 893 in 1988. He became Worshipful Master in 1995 and again in 1996.

His first Provincial Appointment was that of Past Provincial Grand Chaplain in 1998, followed by several promotions culminating in his being Provincial Grand Senior Warden during 2008.

He was appointed a Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in 2011.

He was a founder member of The Provincial Grand Almoners & Charity Stewards Lodge No 1943 and of the Vea Secunda Lodge No 1980, in addition held membership of Moseley Lodge of MMM No 667 and Honorary Membership of the Quill and Key Lodge No 1901. He was also an active member of the Worcestershire Installed Master Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1409.

Jim was a recipient of the prestigious Provincial Grand Master Certificate of Merit at the most recent Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting. Presented in recognition of his services to Mark Masonry over a great number of years and most particularly for the caring and sympathy shown to those in need whilst carrying out his duties as Provincial Almoner.

Our thoughts now turn towards the family at this difficult time. Many of JIm’s friends are close to the family and will offer any support needed. We will all miss Jim. A gentleman and true mason who had nothing but good to say about anyone.

The funeral will take at 11.00am on Wednesday 27th September at Redditch Crematorium.

The family wish everyone to know that the crematorium is undergoing extensive refurbishment and that a small marquee is in use in place of the Chapel. Many are expected and it is likely that some will be standing in the open. A brolly would be a useful accessory should it be wet.

All are invited to take light refreshment afterwards at Bordesley Park Farm, Dagnell End Road, Beoley Vale B98 9BH. (Situated opposite the entrance to the Abbey Hotel and Golf Complex).

No Flowers Please. Donations to Primrose Hospice.

St Laurence Sunday Lunch

St Laurence Lodge held their annual Lunch for members and guests on Sunday 20th of August.

Enjoy the pictures.


Social Day Out at Dorridge Cricket Club

“Worcestershire Nines” who managed a win.

Warm conditions, although overcast at times, helped to make the annual Cricket match between Warwickshire and Worcestershire at Dorridge Cricket Club on Sunday 20th August a most enjoyable afternoon.



With strong support from both provinces a good crowd enjoyed a splendid afternoons entertainment with cream teas served on the terrace.



This regular fixture played in friendly banter creates much enjoyment for many. Why not consider bringing the family along to next year’s event at Kidderminster.

RW Bro Roger Mac, Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire, who presented the trophy to the Worcestershire Captain, with R W Bro Eric John Rymer, Provincial Grand Master of Worcestershire, taking a firm hold of the cup.

Provincial Almoner

Our Provincial Almoner sends greetings to you all and thanks everyone for their best wishes during his illness.

Going out is difficult just at present and he is sorry to have missed the events that have taken place recently.

He is in good heart and says he is looking forward to being able to be with us all again soon.

He anticipates a further course of chemo starting on Thursday, hoping that he will feel better afterwards.

I’m sure you all join us in wishing him all the very best. Jim always sends a lovely card with a little cheering note to those who are not well. Why not send him one, I’m sure he would be delighted to receive greetings from you all.


Charity BBQ at Malvern raises £1,600

An amazing Saturday afternoon with thunder storms passing either side of the garden of Jill and Tony Duke at the foot of the Malvern Hills left their garden bathed in lovely warm sunshine.

Almost one hundred supporters filled the garden to enjoy a most splendid BBQ with delicious food and plenty to drink. Tony and Jill, together with their family, have deservedly built up a bit of a reputation for the quality of their hospitality and so it’s not surprising so many people turned out on a day when the weather forecast was less than favourable.

A raffle with lots of prizes donated by those attending coupled with a voluntary entry fee raised £1600 which has been split between the Malvern Scouts and the local Heart Start Program. A marvelous result for local charities.

Knowing how much it means to local charities to have the support of the community we offer warm congratulations and thanks to Tony and Jill, not forgetting the family, for once again opening their garden for the enjoyment of their many friends whilst raising much-needed finance for such worthy local charities.

Click to view a larger image.

Royal Albert Hall

Celebrating 300 years of Masonry LIVE from the Royal Albert Hall

Albert Memorial and the north entrance to the Royal Albert Hall

31 st October 2017 Exclusive Streaming of the event Broadcast LIVE from the Royal Albert Hall, London to the Regal Cinema: Tenbury Wells. Worcs Doors open at 2.00 pm Live Streaming: 3.15 pm – 5.15 pm


Followed by a Buffet Dinner in the Regal Function room Incl. Coffee / Tea £12.00 per person (Incl. Buffet) Bar facilities will be available Any surplus will go towards the 2019 Festival Funds * All are welcome including Non – Masons A once in a lifetime opportunity to see the splendour and ceremonial Grandeur of The Grand Lodge of England Live!

To take up the chance of enjoying this Special Event

Contact: Eric Humphries Tel:01584 781570; M:07821 032925;


Alan Thomas White 1943-2017

We are truly sorry to announce the sudden death of Alan Thomas White of the Moseley Masonic Centre, Kings Heath.

Known affectionately as “Chalky” he passed away in hospital on Sunday 30th July. His smile and presence around Kings Heath Masonic Centre will be very much missed by everyone.

Chalky was Advanced into the Mark Degree in the All Saints KIngs Heath Lodge of Mark Master Masons during 2000 which was quickly followed by his Elevation into the Royal Ark Mariner Degree in the same year.

He became Worshipful Master and Worshipful Commander respectively in 2008.

Chalky was appointed as Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 2015.

Well known as the Tyler to a large number of lodges covering almost every order of freemasonry, including his Mark and RAM Lodges, meeting at Kings Heath.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this sad time.

The Funeral will take place at 2.30pm on Monday 14th August at Yardley Crematorium, Yardley Road, Yardley, Birmingham B25 8NA.

Afterwards, all are invited to a buffet at Moseley Masonic Hall 221 Alcester Road South Kings Heath B14 6DT
To assist in the planning, will those attending please advise W Bro Roy Harris at

Mark Master Masons Gift to St John Ambulance

For the second time in the last twenty years Mark Masonry has undertaken to provide St Johns Ambulance Service with a number of fully equipped state of the art ambulances for use throughout the UK. With fifty-two on offer they will be stationed across the whole of the Country thereby enabling St Johns to provide much needed support at events.

The President of the Mark Benevolent Fund, Dr John Wright, introduced HRH Prince Michael of Kent and HRH The Duke of Gloucester to the assembled crowd at the Honourable Artillery Company in London on Monday 17th July when HRH Prince Michael of Kent presented the first two sets of keys to HRH the Duke of Gloucester, who then presented the keys of the vehicles to the crews for use within Gloucestershire.

The Very Reverend Nicholas Frayling, Dean of the Priory of England and the Islands, dedicated both of the vehicles which you can be sure will be put to good use.

Thanks to Jeff Whiteley for Details and Pictures.

Celebrating 300 Year of Craft Freemasonry

Part of the ongoing celebration of 300 Years of Craft Freemasonry saw the start of a classic car rally from Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. The route taking in parts of Herefordshire leading onto Worcestershire finishing at the Hill Climb taking place at the Chateau Impney Hotel in Droitwich.

Our picture shows W Bro George Simpson and his wife Jenny setting off in their 1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

50th Birthday

Following a short business meeting of the Royal Ark Mariners Lodge, Bromsgrove Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1334 celebrated its Fifty Year Anniversary Meeting at Redditch Masonic Rooms on Friday 14th July.

PGM, R W Bro Eric John Rymer presents the Anniversary Warrant to WM John Bentley



The lodge members were well supported by several provincial officers to received the 50 year warrant..







Following the recent move to Redditch, the lodge marked  the 50 year anniversary celebration by having the refurbished Honours Board re-dedicated by the Provincial Grand Master.

L/R W Bro Fred Hall, Bro Jonathan Swift, W Bro Paul Wong, W Bro Chris Farrer, W Bro Michael Phillips, V W Bro John King, Bro David Broome, R W Bro Eric Rymer, W Bro John Bentley, W Bro Jeff Whiteley,W Bro Paul Yarnell, W Bro Roger Bennett, W Bro Robert Rice, W Bro Gordon Crew, W Bro Doug Allen and W Bro Paul Eastbury

A charity collection and small Raffle raised £174 during a delightful festive board.

Thanks to Richard Weston for the pictures.

All Saints Kings Heath Lodge No 1462

Worshipful Master of All Saints Lodge MMM, W Bro Kenneth Downes, receives the Provincial Pig from the Worshipful Master of Moseley Lodge  W Bro Josephus Davies whilst the W Bro Paul Yarnell looks on.

Tuesday 11th July 2017 was a miserable night outside but inside at Kings Heath Masonic Hall, a warm and happy masonic evening took place.

The evening started with the 115th Regular meeting of the All Saints Kings Heath Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 1462 which, although it consisted of a short business meeting, was nevertheless a happy meeting led by the Worshipful Commander, W Bro. Reginald Willsher.

This was followed by the 123rd Regular meeting of the All Saints Kings Heath Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 1462 which was expertly led by the Worshipful Master, W Bro. Kenneth Downes, JP, PGSD. The highlight of the evening was an explanation of the Mark Degree Tracing Board expertly given by W Bro. Bob Harrison of the Hertford Military St. Paul’s Lodge MMM No. 408 who meet at Severn Street in Birmingham. All present agreed that this explanation was not only very informative, it was also delivered in a very animated and entertaining manner which kept everyone captivated from beginning to end.

The Festive Board after was a most convivial and happy occasion. However, the highlight of the Festive Board was when a delegation from the Moseley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No. 667, led by their Worshipful Master, W Bro. Josephus Davies, presented the Worshipful Master with the ‘Provincial Pig’.

The Provincial Pig, introduced in 2003 by the then Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro. Colin Woodward, was intended to encourage inter visiting between Mark Lodges throughout the Province of Worcestershire. The idea being that every Lodge which receives the ‘Provincial Pig’ should itself form a delegation of at least 6 visiting brethren to accompany the pig to another Mark Lodge and so on. A scroll explaining the purpose of the ‘Provincial Pig’ and a book recording the history of its many visits accompanies the Pig.

Moseley Lodge of MMM, who had previously received the ‘Provincial Pig’ from Eaton Lodge of MMM No. 977, formed the necessary party and transported the pig to its new temporary home. The question now is….when and where will the ‘Provincial Pig’ next appear ? …………….

Report of the Provincial Representative W Bro Derek Owen.

Grand Officers Mess

Thirty Eight members attended the Annual Grand Officers Mess at Rainbow Hill Worcester on Thursday 6th July.

W Bro Vivian Fogarty passed on the Presidency to W Bro Brian Scoffield who extended a warm welcome to all present. A very nice meal was enjoyed after which the PGM invited comment and discussion on the principal of Grand Officers becoming the Provincial Representative of lodges.

Some were supportive of the principal whilst others advocated caution against any changes in the roll of the current provincial officers of the year. Their appointment as representative of the Provincial Grand Master to a particular lodge being considered a very special Honour.


L/R – V W Bro John King – W Bro John Bentley -V W Bro Michael Homer – W Bro Jeff Whiteley – W Bro Vivian Fogarty, outgoing President and W Bro Brian Scoffield, incoming President.










A Grand Assembly

Colin Woodward 1931 – 2017

It is with much sorrow that we report the death of Right Worshipful Brother Colin Woodward who passed away peacefully in hospital late on the evening of Tuesday 20th June.

A great friend to all and known affectionately as Colin. He was a most respected and admired Provincial Grand Master. A Black Country Mason who stuck by his roots, those who served the province during his term as our Provincial Grand Master worked alongside a dedicated and hard-working leader who won the admiration of so many for his down to earth attitude and dealings with all things masonic.

He had three great loves in his life His Family, Music and Freemasonry.

Colin is survived by his dear wife Christine, his daughter Lynne and five Grandsons, James, Ben, Josh, Sam and Jack. He was immensely proud of them all.

A Teacher by profession,Colin taught at various schools in and around Smethwick and Oldbury. His subjects being maths and music. His leisure time, before freemasonry took hold, was devoted to his love of music. In particular his role as Musical Director of the local Amateur Operatic Society, where he both produced and performed in many musicals.

Colin loved playing the organ which made him an ever welcome and popular person in every lodge he joined or visited. He was initiated into Freemasonry on the 14th December 1972 in Hagley Lodge. He served in many lodge offices on his way to becoming Assistant Provincial Grand Secretary before being appointed Provincial Grand Senior Warden in 1988. He became a Grand Officer when appointed a Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1994 and was subsequently promoted to PGSD in 2009.

Colin had a distinguished career in many degrees in Freemasonry. His journey in the Mark Degree began with his Advancement into the Bromsgrove Lodge of Mark Master Masons on 11th July 1975. Installed as Master in 1985 he soon caught the attention of the then rulers who appointed him Provincial Grand Junior Warden in 1986. Appointed a Grand Steward and  Deputy Provincial Grand Master in 1991, he served the province in that role until 1993.

Colin became Provincial Grand Master In 1998 and held that office until 2005. During those years he worked tirelessly in modernising and re-invigorating both the Province and the Brethren. His actions changed the ethos resulting in a more dynamic outlook whilst introducing many new and innovative ideas, which included inviting our Ladies into Lodge to witness the dedication of Lodge Banners. Colin was also instrumental in the introduction of the annual Four Provinces Meeting which continues to grow and flourish.

Colin held membership of no fewer than 28 Mark and RAM Lodges within Worcestershire as well as memberships of several other distinguished lodges including; The Grand Masters Lodge, the Grand Stewards Lodge, The Royal Air Force Lodge, Coventry Lodge and The Ronald Albutt Lodge.

Many will remember Colin for his very sharp wit, a warm generous nature and his retention of our ritual to the very end. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him and our thoughts and prayers now turn to his Family.

A sad day and the closing of a Chapter in the History of Worcestershire Mark Masonry.

May he obtain eternal peace.

The funeral will take place at Powke Lane Crematorium, Powke Lane, Rowley Regis.B65  0AD at 11.30 a.m on Tuesday 11th July 2017 followed by refreshments at Hasbury Conservative Club, 91 Blackberry Lane, Halesowen.  B63  4NZ.

Family flowers only,  donations to  Acorn Hospice or Air Ambulance.


Provincial Grand Lodge 2017

On a very warm seventeenth day of June, the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Worcestershire, took place at the Masonic Hall, Kings Heath, Birmingham.

Before the Lodge was opened, RW Brother Francis Charles Spencer, Immediate Past PGM, Grand Director of Ceremonies, together with, R W Bro Stuart Ian Edwards, Past Deputy PGM, PGSW,  were escorted into the Temple by the Provincial GDC. Their arrival was greeted with very warm applause.

The PGM RW Bro Eric John Rymer, entered the Temple through a large column of acting officers and eight visiting Provincial Grand Masters. He was similarly greeted with warm applause.

A delegation representative of every Royal Ark Mariner Lodge was received under the Banner of the order.

Following the singing of the opening hymn Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in due form at 10.45am.

Following customary salutations under the direction of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, the Provincial Grand Chaplain read the names of those who had passed to the Grand Lodge above since our last meeting. This was followed by prayer and a few moments of silent reflection on departed merit.

The RW PGM then Introduced the representatives of all visiting Provinces, the distinguished brethren of our own Province and Rulers of other orders who were all greeted and welcomed with sustained warm applause.

The Provincial Grand Secretary reported that every Mark Lodge was well represented.

The Reports of the Provincial Grand Secretary, Registrar, Charity Steward and Almoner were accepted as circulated prior to the meeting.

The Provincial Treasurer added to his report before announcing a small increase in Provincial Grand Lodge Subscriptions. His report was followed by his re-election for the ensuing year coupled with thanks to the account examiners.

The PGM then updated the brethren on the situation regards VW Bro John King. Expressing how sorry we all are that he was unable to be with us today but that his recovery, although slow, was heading in the right direction and that he would no doubt be amongst us again in the near future.

He announced that it was his pleasure to re-appoint Very Worshipful Brother John Anthony King, PGMO, CM, as Deputy Provincial Grand Master for the ensuing year.

W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley, PGSD, was re-appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Master.

The PGM then appointed his officers of the year followed by Past Ranks and Promotions.

During his address to the brethren the PGM spoke of the introduction of a Worcestershire Provincial Grand Masters Mark Token.

Those having been Advanced during the year leading to the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting will be eligible to receive a token provided they attend the PGL meeting.

By way of celebrating the introduction of the token, entitlement for this year only, was inclusive of those who had been advanced since the Appointment and Investiture of the RW Provincial Grand Master.


The PGM continued his address, the full version of which will be available on the front page of this site, speaking of the work of our Provincial Grand Charity Steward and Provincial Grand Almoner. Announcing that they were to receive the prestigious Provincial Grand Masters Certificate of Merit.

The presentation of the certificate to W Bro George Simpson was acknowledgement of the outstanding and often generous contribution to the success of our charity fund-raising, particularly during the years leading to a most successful Festival Year.

A sentiment that all present echoed, mindful of the role that George’s wife Jenny played throughout those busy years. Their home and gardens were often the venue for Garden Parties, Treasure Hunts and other fund-raising activities.

The Certificate presented to W Bro Jim Willis was also warmly received. Jim followed in the footsteps of a most active Provincial Almoner, the late W Bro Norman Yarnell. I think it fair to say that all perceived that Jim had difficult shoes to fill. However it was not long before we realised that he was most capable of filling the role.

Perhaps an appropriate compliment would be to say the change was seamless. The work undertaken was of a quality to which we were accustomed. Jim has since put his own stamp on the post and has the greatest respect of all brethren.

Throughout the last year circumstance has not been kind to Jim and his Family. HIs own battle with illness was cause for concern to all. Then the joy of news of improvement in his circumstance was marred by the news of Rosemary’s illness and sadly her sudden death. Throughout that period Jim remained resolute and positive and earned the respect of many who admired his ability to cope with such circumstance.The qualities displayed during his term of office have proved his appointment as our Provincial Almoner to be well founded.

THe PGM announced his chosen charity which he hoped the province would support.(Full details are included within his address).

Following a charitable collection Provincial Grand Lodge was Closed in Due Form.

Grand Lodge June 2017

A packed Grand Temple with several overspill rooms with large screens enjoyed a most memorable annual investiture meeting of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons at Great Queen Street, London on Tuesday 13th June 2017.

With The Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent, GCVO, officiating thanks were expressed for the excellent loyal and dedicated service of the retiring Pro Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis. His many years of outstanding service was warmly acknowledged with sustained applause.

His successor, Most Worshipful Brother Raymond John Smith was promoted and Invested Pro Grand Master, which also received similar acclamation.

Right Worshipful Brother Herbert John Prizeman was promoted and Invested Deputy Grand Master, again greeted with warm acclamation.

The Rulers were completed by the Appointment and Investiture of Right Worshipful Brother Stephen Davison as Assistant Grand Master.

More than 400 Appointments and Promotions followed, of which six amongst the many, were representatives of Worcestershire.

We offer warm congratulations to all recipients’ most especially to those of WORCESTERSHIRE.

100 Club Draw

The winners in the most recent Provincial 100 club draw which took place on Friday 9th June are:


No Name Lodge
38 Mike Gage 1135 St Egwin Lodge
60 Ian Strongman 733 Perseverance Lodge
62 Matt Cannings 1334 Bromsgrove Lodge


70 David Hutt
71 Ken Stooke 923 Vernon Lodge
74 Mrs Lz Hutt


69 Mrs Teresa Ballard
82 Mrs Ron Gee
98 Mrs Carol Icke


Mark Inter Provincial Golf Match

Brethren from Warwickshire and Worcestershire represented their respective provinces at Shirley Golf Club on Tuesday 23rd May in glorious conditions on a testing course in excellent condition.

Worcestershire managed a rare away win and John Icke was pleased to receive the trophy on behalf of the Worcestershire team.

Captains with the Trophy



Both John and Roger are stepping down and David Smith is to take over as Worcestershire Captain and Ian Belsham is to take on the Captaincy for Warwickshire.





from the left Malcolm Francis, Iain Gemmell, Mike Cooper, George Simpson, Roger Sargent, Paul Battle, John Icke, Cliff Bull, David Smith, John Pritchard, Ian Belsham, Colin Kerfoot, Ralph Kelsall, Dennis Trent, Mike Gage – a very happy band of golfers.

Vernon Lodges Party Night

Mark Bettis entertained on the Keyboard.


The Master and Commander of Vernon Mark and RAM Lodges, hosted the annual Party at the Masonic Rooms, in Stourport on Saturday 20th May.

A most successful social occasion which raised £145 for Charity.

Party Night at Stourport

W Master Mark Winfield and W Commander Peter Ransome.


WICL No 1409

W Bro Michael Taylor was Installed the seventeenth Commander of the Worcestershire Installed Commanders Lodge on Tuesday 16th May at Rainbow Hill, Worcester and immediately appointed W Bro Adrian Hutt, Senior Warden and W Bro Jeffrey Whiteley, Junior Warden.

A pleasant meeting enjoyed by almost 60 members and guests.

RAM Assembly.

The Annual Royal Ark Mariner Assembly took place at Rainbow HIll, Worcester on Tuesday 16th May when seven recipients were appointed to Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank.

Seated: W Bro Cecil Cariss, R W Bro Eric Rymer, W Bro Jeffrey Whiteley. Standing L/R – W Bro J Pritchard,

MBF London Walk

What A splendid day in London and a magnificent Total raised so far.

More than   £410,000


A Fitting Tribute

We all know Jim and Rosemary Willis were considered a special couple and are proud to be able to say we are friends. Jim’s recent email showing the result of the donations made to the M S Society at Rosemary’s funeral, whilst all of us would prefer different circumstances, is an uplifting tribute to Rosemary and will bring some comfort to Jim during a most difficult time.

Vea Secunda Lodge No 1980

Thirty Founders and Two joining members were supported by a strong representation of Provincial Officers and the Pro Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis, JP, and other guests at Rainbow Hill, Worcester, on Saturday 22nd April to witness R W Bro Eric John Rymer, assisted by the provincial team, consecrate a new Mark Lodge.

R W Bro Eric John Rymer, PGM Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis, JP Pro Grand Master (Centre) R W Bro Francis Charles Spencer, Worshipful Master.

Senior Warden David and Adrian


This new lodge was first conceived in 2016 and its formation formally announced by the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Eric Rymer, at the Annual Provincial Meeting on 9th July 2016. It is a Lodge for those with an interest in any form of ‘Classic’ transport – by land, on water or in the air. Careful thought therefore was given to the Lodge name that it would be relevant to all forms of transport resulting in an enjoyable journey . The Choice of Vea Secunda, meaning propitious journey, was adopted and the number 1980 assigned to the lodge on the register of the Grand Lodge.


Junior Warden looking very happy



Immediately after consecrating the lodge the PGM Installed the First Worshipful Master R W Bro Francis Charles Spencer who then appointed his officers for the year.

A splendid festive board followed. The lodge is to grow even stronger with Three Candidates mentioned for Advancement in the coming months.


The Festive Board

Busy Week in the Province

St Georges Lodge MMM No 1920

A busy week for the provincial team kicked off on Monday evening at St Georges Mark Master Masons Lodge, Kidderminster, when Bro Robert Andrew Squires was advanced the most recent member of our province. We wish him a very warm welcome to the friendly degree and trust he will enjoy many happy years of friendship with his Mark brothers at Kidderminster.

The Advancement Ceremony was followed by the Installation of a new Worshipful Master when W Bro Stephen Wyer installed W Bro Geoffrey Michael Watkins, a founding member of the lodge.  W Bro Geoff has experienced of the office, during 2015 he served as WM of Vernon Mark Master Masons Lodge No 923 meeting at Stourport on Severn.

Teme Valley RAM Lodge No 1260

The team moved across to Tenbury Wells on Wednesday evening for the Installation of W Bro Bernard Pendergast as Commander of the Teme Valley Royal Ark Mariners Lodge, the lodge being well supported by a number of visitors who enjoyed a very pleasant ceremony before relaxing at the festive board.

The Fairways Lodge No 1938

W Bro David Smith



On Thursday the team moved onto The Fairways Lodge of Mark Master Masons at Kings Norton Golf Club for the Installation of W Bro David Leslie Smith, the fifth Worshipful Master of this recently formed lodge.  An excellent ceremony enjoyed by almost forty members, guests and visitors. Three new joining members adding to the remarkable recruiting success of this special interest lodge which now has the highest membership of any Advancing Lodge within the Mark Province.


Frank Spencer, Paul Yarnell and David Smith

The evenings activities followed a full days Golf. W Bro Paul Yarnell once again came out on top in a Stapleford competition, off full handicap allowance, to win the Francis Charles Spencer Trophy. Nice to have Frank present to present the Trophy and we hope that he will still find time to join us after his investiture as Grand Director of Ceremonies in June of this year. The lodge Secretary, W Bro Mel Broadhurst, managed to get amongst the prizes finishing nearest the Pin on the 17th Hole whilst our Inner Guard Bro Gerry Logue carried off the prize for the longest drive on the 5th Hole. The three new members, although not eligible to take prizes in the members category, all turned in creditable performances which suggest they will contest future competitions.


Advancees to get Mark Token

The Provincial Grand Master is to present Advancees with a Special Mark Token in recognition of their becoming Mark Master Masons within the Province of Worcestershire.

Those who have been Advanced during the year leading to the Annual Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting in June will, if present at the meeting, be presented with the Token by the Provincial Grand Master.

To mark the launch of the initiative the PGM has decided to offer the commemorative Token to all those who have been advanced since his Installation in July 2015. As will be the case in every year the recipient must attend the Meeting to receive the Token.

Those eligible will receive notice of the offer subject to their attendance at the meeting.

Grand Congratulations

The Most Worshipful Grand Master has been pleased to offer Grand Ranks to the following members of our Province:

Acting Appointments: 

Grand Director of Ceremonies: R W Bro Francis Charles Spencer, PPGM

Assistant Grand Chaplain:  W Bro The Revd. Justin Trevelyan Parker

Grand Steward:  W Bro Joseph Fahmy Khalil Marzouk


Past Grand Senior Deacon:  W Bro Paul Anthony Milner

Past Grand Junior Deacon:  W Bro John Francis Icke

Past Ranks.

Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies: W Bro Roy Roger Piddington

Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies:  W Bro Michael John Bartels

 The investiture will take place at Mark Mason Hall, Great Queen Street, London, on Tuesday 13th June. We offer very warm congratulations and best wishes to them all.



In addition to the above the following brethren who hold membership of a lodge within our province are also to be honored with Appointments or Promotions and likewise we offer warm congratulations to them.

Grand Secretary: R W Bro Ryan Andrew Williams. Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
Grand Steward:   W Bro John Bassford.  Prov Almoners and Charity Stewards Lodge 1943
Grand Steward:   W Bro Gareth Owen.  Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
Grand Steward:   W Bro Arthur Robinson. Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
Grand Steward:   W Bro Alun Howell Thomas. Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
Grand Steward:   W Bro Robert Ward.  Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
 Past Ranks.
PGJO:     V W Bro Kevin Henry Taylor. Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
PGJO:     V W Bro David Alexander Wright. Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
PGSD:     W Bro  Nigel Lloyd Angell, JP.  Prov Almoners and Charity Stewards Lodge 1943
PGSD:     W Bro Clifford Howard Bull.  Fairways Lodge No 1938
PGSD:     W Bro Michael John Collinson. Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
PGSD:     W Bro David Emmerson:   Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
PGJD:     W Bro Brian Percival Gargett.  Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
PGJD:     W Bro Stephen Charles Evans Harries.  Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
PGJD:     W Bro David Nicholas Wild. Prov Almoners and Charity Stewards Lodge 1943
PAGDC:  W Bro Anthony John Comber.  Prov Almoners and Charity Stewards Lodge 1943
PAGDC:  W Bro Simon Charles Finn. Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813
PAGDC:  W Bro David John Griffiths. Prov Almoners and Charity Stewards Lodge 1943
PAGDC:  W Bro Christopher Albert Ernest Nixon. Prov Almoners and Charity Stewards Lodge 1943
PGStdB:  W Bro Peter Kirpensteijn.    Prov Director of Ceremonies Lodge 1813

London Walk Update

Brethren if you are following the London Walk Progress and are thinking of spending the day in London supporting the Wonderful Worcestershire Walkers, the following notes will be of interest to you:


The 4 Royal Parks through which the MBF Walk travels include many attractions – a synopsis for many of these will be included within each walk team “Walk Pack”. We will also post much of the walk route and narrative to the walk donation website closer to the day. Attractions include many of London’s iconic buildings, monuments, statues and landmarks. For example, here’s a few:

Palaces and Mansions

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Kensington Palace
  • Clarence House
  • St James’s Palace
  • Spencer House


  • Queen Victoria Memorial
  • Guards Memorial
  • Queen Caroline Memorial
  • Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain
  • The Albert Memorial

Statues and Landmarks

  • The Mall
  • Wellington Arch
  • Boy and Dolphin Fountain
  • The Lido
  • Italian Gardens

 A few stewards are still needed to help with some route directions in all the Parks and John Icke will point you in the right direction to act as volunteers. Donations have exceeded £150,000 recently and your contribution to the project has been fantastic. Thank you all for making this project a great success and let’s hope we can gain further success in the coming weeks.

Quill and Key Lodge Sunday Lunch

A good number of members were joined by family and friends at Kings Norton Golf Club on Sunday 19th March for the lodges annual Sunday Lunch.

A most enjoyable occasion which raised more than £600 for charity.

Lunch Pictures

£3,000 to local hospital appeal

Brethren see the acknowledgement from the appeal chairman in connection with the recent donation to our local hospital appeal.

Dear George,
I am writing to thank you and all the Free Masons of the Worcestershire Mark Master Mason
Lodges for the wonderful donation of £3,000.00 you kindly presented to me at the Worcester Bosch Business Event on Friday 10th March 2017. Without such support and donations, we would not be where we are today so a big thanks to you to everyone involved.

The Appeal is growing and currently stands at over £330,000.00 with your donation. We are still a long way from reaching our final goal of £ l million we need to raise over the next few years, It is however, due to donations from individuals, groups. organisations and companies within the community that has allowed us to secure the robot for the Worcestershire hospitals to assist in the operations undertaken by our highly committed and skilled Urology surgeons and their teams.
Please feel free to visit the web site where you can keep abreast ot the fundraising events and the progress we are making.
Please spread the word about the appeal and prostate cancer in general as it is only by men talking about it, that the issue will be highlighted and other men become aware of the possible risk to their health and diagnosis at an early stage may take place With a better outcome.

Best wishes,

Ian A. Jukes
Chairman of the Appeal.


New Partnership with St John Ambulance – £3,023,700

The Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons together with the Mark Benevolent Fund has announced the continuance of the partnership between St John, and St John Ambulance Service resulting in further funding of £3,023,700 over two years to replace ambulances provided at the turn of the century.                                                                                 52 new vehicles, incorporating the latest technology, will enable the charity to continue the wonderful community service synonymous with the organisation.


Our latest donation marks the 140th anniversary of St John Ambulance in 2017 and the 150th anniversary of the Mark Benevolent Fund in 2018.

See the latest release from Grand Lodge by clicking on the link below.

MBF St John Ambulance Partnership

100 Club

The winners in the most recent Provincial 100 club draw which took place at Teme Valley Lodge on Wednesday 8th March are:


No Name Lodge
29 Frank Spencer 667 Moseley Lodge
32 Jeffrey Whiteley 923 Vernon Lodge
21 Chris Hopes 1351 Malvern Priory


No Name Lodge
32 Jeffrey Whiteley 923 Vernon Lodge
12 Mrs W Kindon (330 Godson) Dudley
79 David Stean 1135 St Egwin

News from Tenbury Wells

Newly Advanced Brother Duncan Hooker

Bro Duncan Hooker became the most recent member of the Worcestershire Mark Province on his Advancement into the Teme Valley Lodge on Wednesday 8th March 2017.

With several visitors helping out in office the Worshipful Master David Bell conducted a most enjoyable Ceremony. Pleasantly different to see W Bro Sean Warner inside the lodge. His performance as Senior Deacon illustrated just how much more he has to offer additional to his dedicated service as Tyler to most of his lodges.

Good performances from the Overseers, also John Moore as DC,Terry Davies with the Working Tools and Kevin Bryant with the concluding address.

The Alms collection in the temple raised £45

As always the evening was rounded off by a wonderful festive board. Meetings between new brothers that will no doubt result in lasting friendship.

The proceeds from a small raffle were donated to the Mark Benevolent Fund in support of the “Worcestershire Walkers” representing our province in the London Wal

Breaking News

At yesterdays quarterly communications meeting of the Grand Lodge of Mark Masons, the Pro Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis informed those present of his intention to stand down as our Pro Grand Master.

Announcing his successor to be Right Worshipful Brother Raymond John Smith, Deputy Grand Master, who will to be invested as our Most Worshipful Pro Grand Master at the annual investiture meeting in June at Masons Hall, Great Queen Street, London.

He further announced that Right Worshipful Brother John Prizeman, Assistant Grand Master, is to become our Deputy Grand Master following his investiture at the June meeting.

We express warm congratulations and wish them all well for the future.

Moseley RAM Lodge Installation

Several Warwickshire ties were evident at the recent meeting of Moseley RAM Lodge to see Brother Josephus Davies Installed as Commander. Josephus spreads his freemasonry across many orders in both Worcestershire and Warwickshire and had the support of both provinces on this special night. An enjoyable ceremony conducted by the outgoing Commander, W Bro Gary Vale.

Worshipful Commander Josephus Davies



The evening was enhanced by the quality of the addresses delivered by the Provincial Installing Team headed by W Bro John Anthony King, RAM Grand Rank, Deputy Provincial Grand Master, supported by W Bro Cecil Cariss Provincial Grand Senior Warden and W Bro John Icke, Provincial RAMGR , Acting Provincial Grand Junior Warden, all under the watchful eye of W Bro David Collett, Provincial RAMGR, Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.


At the festive board the new Commander appealed to the brethren to support a charity close to his heart. Explaining that the charity gave assistance to mothers and babies in his native Africa where a small amount of money goes a long way in bringing much-needed help. The charity collection coupled with a small raffle raised £200 in response to the appeal.

Malvern Priory Lodge MMM No 1351

A good number of guests joined members for a busy evening at Malvern to witness W Bro Chris Hopes install his successor, Bro Anthony John Baker, into the chair of this excellent and much respected Mark Lodge.

Front Row seated: W Bro Cecil Cariss – Prov Senior Warden, W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley PGSD, Asst PGM, W Bro Tony Baker – Worshipful Master and W Bro Mike Gage – Prov Junior Warden.

We wish Tony every success in the coming year and feel confident that he will uphold the traditions and strong position that the lodge currently enjoys.

We also offer congratulation to the outgoing Master on a wonderful year rounded off with the recent Sunday Brunch. An excellent finish to his year of fund-raising for local charity.

Brian looking very relaxed on a day out.

Retirement after Long and Dedicated service.

The pen of the lodges long serving Secretary, W Bro Brian Scoffield, has run dry after 32 YEARS.

We offer him our sincere congratulations on his retirement as lodge Secretary. The quality and length of service Brian has given to Malvern Priory Lodge MMM is most unlikely to be equaled and we join the lodge in wishing him many happy hours enjoyment in his other interests of Gardening and Fishing.

We look forward to many years of his company and friendship when visiting his lodge and he is assured of a warm welcome wherever and whenever he visits us.

Brother Chris Brown has taken on  the duties of Secretary and with Brian as his mentor we feel sure that given a little time to settle into the position he will prove a worthy replacement.

The Lodge considered and agreed a donation to sponsor the Worcestershire Walkers in the coming London Walk, an event organised to raise funds for the  Mark Benevolent Fund to continue its most excellent work in granting financial assistance to worthy and qualifying causes. In this connection the outgoing Master presented the Presiding Officer with a cheque for £250.


Funeral Arrangements

The Funeral of Rosemary Willis, wife of our Provincial Grand Almoner Jim, will take place at 12 noon on Monday 13th March at Redditch Crematorium. All are welcome. Refreshments afterwards at the Abbey Hotel, Hither Green Lane, Dagnell End Road, Redditch B98 9BE

59 Ark and Mark

Candidate Bro Lawrence Mark Hatfield


A good attendance at Rainbow Hill to greet Bro Lawrence Mark Hatfield the most recently advanced member of the oldest Mark Lodge in the Province, Lechmere Lodge No 59.

During a busy evening the Ark Lodge was opened at 5.30pm. Our PGM was quickly called upon to present two Royal Ark Mariner Grand Lodge Certificates.

W Bro David Jones then gave an explanation of the Nine Steps before the lodge was closed.


The Mark Lodge was opened by W Bro Bryan Chadd and following the usual business items Bro Lawrence Mark Hatfield was advanced in a most enjoyable ceremony.

A fine evening rounded off with an excellent festive board where the Alms Collection and a small Raffle raised  £320 for Charity.

Supporting Local Charity

£350 to Rory the Robot Prostate Cancer Surgery Appeal, Worcester Hospital.

Malvern Priory Lodge of Mark Master Masons held their annual “Malvern Sunday Brunch” on the 19th February when more than fifty gathered to enjoy a splendid event, organised by the Worshipful Master, W Bro Chris Hopes.

The proceeds of a well supported raffle when added to a small profit from the ticket monies raised £350 which this year will be donated to the “Rory the Robot Appeal” at Worcester Hospital.

£500 to the Primrose Hospice, Bromsgrove.

A splendid “Burns Themed Night”  organised by W Bro George Simpson in January raised a good sum, part of which has been donated to the Primrose Hospice situated in Bromsgrove. The monies will assist them to continue their excellent work in the local community.

£250 to the Outside Youth Association, Worcestershire.

The remaining monies from the Burns Night is to be donated to the Outside Youth Association. An organisation working with youngsters, preparing them to meet and cope with life’s challenges. They are achieving amazing results and well deserve our support.

Donations Start To Flow

“The Worcestershire Walkers” participation in the Mark Benevolent Fund London Charity Walk is gathering momentum with donations being made on a daily basis.

Lodge donations being the favored option followed closely by individual donations.

With Athlumney, Godson and Lechmere kicking off the Mark Lodges followed swiftly by Abraham Green and St Egwin RAM Lodges.

Our total to date amounts to more than £1,000 in just a little over two weeks.

MBF Charity Walk 2017

Our PGM, R W Bro Eric John Rymer recently announced that our province would take part in The Mark Benevolent Fund Charity Walk 2017.

We are to be represented by a team of EIGHT walkers, under the direction of W Bro Joe Marzouk. They will follow the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk passing through FOUR beautiful London Parks, a distance  of approximately seven miles.

A circular route commencing and finishing at Mark Masons Hall in St James’s Street, on Saturday 6th May.

Our representatives known as the “Worcestershire Walkers” are counting on your support to make a worthy contribution to the fund.

Full details of the day together with facilities for making donations through our province will be available on the Mark Benevolent Fund website

VISIT the site now to see full details and pictures of the “Worcestershire” team.

Please donate with typical Worcestershire Mark Masons generosity.

Donations may be Gift Aided so please make the most of your donation.

Provincial Officers 2017-2018

The Provincial Grand Master has announced that the following Brethren will to be Appointed and Invested at the next meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge in June 2017.

We offer them warmest congratulations and wish them good health to enjoy the year. 

Senior Warden W Bro John Bentley Vernon Lodge 923
Junior Warden W Bro Eric Patrick Lee St Laurence Lodge 893
Master Overseer W Bro Anthony Charles Taylor ASKH Lodge 1462
Senior Overseer W Bro Robert McDowell Barrett Athlumney Lodge 590
Junior Overseer W Bro Trevor G Still Lechmere Lodge 59
Chaplain W Bro Justin Trevelyan Parker Prov Chap Athlumney Lodge 590
Treasurer W Bro Simon Everard Humberstone Prov Treas Eaton Lodge 977
Registrar W Bro Frederick William Hall PGSD Bromsgrove Lodge 1334
Secretary W Bro Brian Philip Scoffield PGSD Malvern Priory Lodge 1351
Director of Ceremonies W Bro Richard John Green PAGDC Malvern Priory Lodge 1351
Almoner W Bro James Willis PAGDC St Laurence Lodge 893
Charity Steward W Bro Joseph Fahmy Khalil-Marzouk Millennium Lodge 1822
Inspector of Works W Bro Charles Michael Henderson Malvern Priory Lodge 1351
Sword Bearer W Bro Paul Loy Wong Bromsgrove  Lodge 1334
Deputy Chaplain W Bro Antony Cambell Watt Vernon Lodge 923
Deputy Secretary W Bro Adrian Carl Hutt PAGSwdB St Egwin Lodge 1135
Deputy D of C W Bro Stuart James Cameron Lechmere Lodge 59
Senior Deacon W Bro Gary Vale Moseley Lodge 667
Senior Deacon W Bro Ian Malcolm Grainger ASKH Lodge 1462
Junior Deacon W Bro John William Pritchard St Egwin Lodge 1135
Junior Deacon W Bro Andrew Milton Malvern Priory Lodge 1351
Assistant Chaplain W Bro Stanley Edward Parnell Stechford Lodge 747
Assistant Secretary W Bro John Francis Icke PGStwd St Egwin Lodge 1135
Assistant D of C W Bro David John Collett Prov AGDC St Laurence Lodge 893
Organist Bro Alexander Michael Sinton Lechmere Lodge 59
Standard Bearer W Bro Paul George Whitefield Godson Lodge 330
Inner Guard W Bro Howard Carlton Stability Lodge 1281
Steward W Bro Martyn Peter Wilcox Teme Valley Lodge 1260
Steward W Bro Ivor Edmund John England ASKH Lodge 1462
Steward W Bro Trevor Rodway Barnes Eaton Lodge 977
Steward W Bro Alan Clift ASKH Lodge 1462
Tyler W Bro Sean Paul Warner PPrGReg Vernon Lodge 923


PPrGJW W Bro Matthew David Edward Auld Prov Alm & Ch Stwd 1943
PPrAGDC W Bro Michael Williams Athlumney Lodge 590
PPrAGDC W Bro Michael Harold Phillips Bromsgrove Lodge 1334
PPrAGDC W Bro Alan James Bufton Vernon Lodge 923
PRrAGDC W Bro Bryan John Bradford Lechmere Lodge 59


PPrGSW W Bro Kenneth Henry James Holtom Moseley Lodge 667
PPrGJW W Bro Terence William Hewlett Lechmere 59
PPrGJW W Bro Sean Paul Warner Vernon Lodge 923
PPrGJW W Bro Robert Edward Grainger Stability Lodge 1281
PPrGSO W Bro Robert Charles Blakemore Millennium Lodge 1822
PPrGJO W Bro Michael Joseph Langdon Teme Valley Lodge 1260
PPrGSD W Bro Colin Verdun Young Athlumney Lodge 590
PPrGSD W Bro Stanley William Scott Southgate Millennium Lodge 1822
PPrGJD W Bro Barry Sadler Vernon Lodge 923


Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Cecil Godfrey Cariss Athlumney Lodge 590
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Robin Stanton St Laurence Lodge 893
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro David John Collett St Laurence Lodge 893
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Neil John Ernest Crabbe Vernon Lodge 923
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Derek Wyne Owen Eaton Lodge 977
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro John William Pritchard St Egwin Lodge 1135
Prov RAM Grand Rank W Bro Kerry John Parkes Centenary Lodge 1623

100 Club Draw

The Annual Draw for the main prizes of the 100 Club took place after the GPC meeting at Rainbow Hill Worcester on Wednesday 25th January.

The winners are:

No Name Lodge Prize
25 Bernard Mitchell Mosaic Lodge No 1136 £200
13 Michael Taylor All Saints Kings Heath No 1462 £100
28 Mrs Margaret Pritchard £60
57 Geoffrey Perry  Lechmere Lodge No 59 £40

Members are reminded that subscriptions for 2017 are now due.

Quill and Key Sunday Lunch 2017

W Bro Martyn Hale, Worshipful Master of the Quill and Key Lodge will be continuing the lodges annual custom of a Sunday Lunch at Kings Norton Golf Club on Sunday 19th March 2017. The usual raffle will take place and donated prizes will be most welcome.

W Bro Roger Bennett would be pleased to receive your bookings via the application form.

A splendid Menu Choice at a very reasonable £20 per head. Tables of Ten for those who like to book in as a party.

Fun Night Raises £500 for Local Charity

St Laurence RAM Lodge

Newly Elevated Bro Andrew Reeves and the new Commander W Bro Graham Masefield.


A busy and enjoyable night at Redditch first to elevate Brother Andrew Reeves and then to install W Bro Graham Masefield as Commander for the new year.

A very impressive performance by W Bro Eric Lee in the temple, was followed by an excellent festive board where a total of £250 was raised through a charity collection and a small raffle.

A Family Thank You

Those who were able to attend  Norman Yarnells funeral last week know how well it was attended which has prompted Paul to express the families thanks to all those who attended or sent messages of condolence

“Many thanks to my brothers of the Worcestershire Mark, for attending the celebration of Dads life last Tuesday. It’s been a very difficult seven months for us, losing Mom in May and Dad in December. My family and I really appreciate how everyone  rallied around and gave great support for which we will be eternally grateful. It has been a great comfort to us all…………..

Thanks for the many donations which will be sent to The Alzheimer’s Society, who continue their efforts to help to determine what can be done to help those affected by this extremely cruel disease.

Again, thanks to everyone and I hope to see you all, at meeting somewhere, in the future.


December 100 Club Draw

The winners in the most recent draw of the Provincial 100 club draw are:


No Name Lodge
93 Eric Rymer 1920 St Georges
13 Michael Taylor 1462 ASKH
30 Mrs Pat Taylor

Norman Alfred Yarnell 1934 – 2016

Sad to report the death of W Bro Norman Alfred Yarnell a Past Grand Standard Bearer of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of England and Wales and its Districts and Lodges Overseas, who passed away on Wednesday 14th December.

Norman was Advanced into Mark Masonry in Bromsgrove Lodge during 1994 going on to become Master of the Lodge in 2004. He joined Moseley Lodge when they were struggling for members and quickly progressed to the chair in 2001. He later became a founding member of the Quill and Key Lodge.

Elevated into the Royal Ark Mariner Degree in 1995, again in Bromsgrove Lodge, he progressed to Commander of the Lodge in 2004 and again in 2012.

During 2008 Norman found a niche which appeared to have been made especially for him whilst being ideally suited to his dear wife Sylvia, He became our Provincial Grand Almoner. I recall a visit when he asked at the door if it was ok to”bring my satnav in as I don’t like leaving her in the car”.

Many will recall their most welcome visits, his cheery smile and words of encouragement whilst Sylvia calmed the fears and worries of the wife’s or partners. Always welcomed to share a piece of cake and a cup tea.

Someone once said that if you broke Norman in two you would find the Words “Worcestershire Mark Masonry” running through him like in a stick of rock.

Norman’s life was one to celebrate and for us to remember him for how he was before his recent illness made it impossible for him to actively continue his freemasonry.

Our thoughts and prayers go to Paul and the family.

The funeral will take place at 11.00am on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at Redditch Crematorium, Bordesley Lane Redditch B97 6RR.

The family invite you to take light refreshment afterwards at Redditch Beefeater which is situated next door to the Crematorium and has ample parking.

Provincial Congratulations

The Provincial Grand Master R W Bro Eric John Rymer has been pleased to announce his Wardens for 2017.

As Senior Warden:  W Bro John Bentley of Vernon Lodge No 923.

John was Advanced into the Mark Degree in Vernon Lodge in 1989 and went on to become Master in 2001. His first provincial appointment was as Past Provincial Grand Senior Deacon in 2003, this was followed by Past Provincial Grand Junior Overseer in 2008. His first acting rank came in 2012 when he was appointed Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies which he filled  until 2014 when he was appointed Provincial Grand Senior Overseer.

As Junior Warden:   W Bro Eric Patrick Lee of St Laurence Lodge No 893

Eric was Advanced into the Mark Degree in St Laurence Lodge in 1980. Unfortunately pressure of work caused him to withdraw from mark masonry until 2006 when he re-joined St Laurence Lodge. He became Master in 2009. His first Provincial Appointment was as Provincial Inner Guard in 2011. This was followed by Provincial Grand Senior Deacon in 2013 and Provincial Grand Senior Overseer in 2016.

We offer warm congratulations to both of them and wish them good health to enjoy a very special year.


Grand Congratulations

fcsDuring an address to the brethren at the Royal Ark Mariner Assembly on Tuesday 13th December, the Pro Grand Master,  Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis, JP announced that the former Provincial Grand Master of Worcestershire, R W Bro Francis Charles Spencer, is to be appointed Grand Director of Ceremonies at the regular June investiture meeting of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons. The announcement was well received and greeted with enthusiastic applause.                                                                                                            Worcestershire Mark Men well know R W Bro Frank’s loyalty and dedication to Freemasonry in general and to the Mark Degree in particular, and will join the many members of our order in celebrating this wonderful news.


Royal Ark Mariner Appointments.





At the same meeting W Bro Richard Green our Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and W Bro Adrian Hutt Deputy Provincial Grand Secretary, were invested with Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Warmest congratulations to them both.

Burns Night – Closing Date Extended

Hopefully everyone is aware that a change of date proved necessary in connection with the


Accordingly George has decided to extend the closing date for bookings until 31st December 2016.


Malvern Charity Assistance

Our Provincial Secretary, Brian Scoffield and Chris Hopes, a past Master of Malvern Priory Lodge, recently attended the premise of a children’s charity in Malvern called “What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful”. Their purpose to present a cheque for £250 raised by Mark Masons to help fund the work undertaken by the charity. They came away very impressed by a wonderful charitable organisation doing excellent work in our community..

They received this warm thank-you which they would like to share:

Dear Mark Master Masons Thank you very much for our donation we appreciate it very much. That money will help fund 5 sessions so goes a huge way.

Thank you so much

Kim Philpotts

On behalf of  “What Makes You Different Makes You Beautiful”.

Your Charity at Work

img_20161122_140336Whilst taking a masonic friends widow for a regular hospital visit I was pleased to see on arrival one of the magnificent mobile chemotherapy units provided by Mark Masons through the Hope for Tomorrow Charity.

Pleasure was mingled with a little Mark Pride when I discovered she was to be treated in the unit.

Of Course no one wants for that to happen, but as we grow older the more likely we are to know of someone who has need of treatment and support.

Whilst there, on a relatively short visit, no fewer than six people came and went showing the tremendous value of the units within the community, saving many hours of travel for those who have good reason to value the service closer to home.

Aware of our PGM’s wishes that we give our full support to this most worthy of causes, what a joy it was to immediately identify the unit by the Colourful Rainbow coupled with the acknowledgement, on the side of the vehicle, of the role of Mark Master Masons in making possible the provision of these fully fitted vehicles to serve all people.

Pleased to say the lady in question has reached the latter stages of her treatment and is returning to her former self.

Eaton Lodge

W Bro Jeff Whiteley APGM, and W Bro Paul Copsey WM

W Bro Jeff Whiteley APGM, and W Bro Paul Copsey WM

Great support from both Grand Lodge Officers and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers to witness W Bro Bob Phillips Installing his successor into the chair of Eaton Lodge on Friday 18th November at Kings Heath.

Being the Masters first chair in any order, a dispensation was necessary to enable W Bro Bob Phillips to install Bro Paul Anthony James Copsey, Worshipful Master of the Eaton Lodge of Mark Master Masons.

The Masters easy manner in appointing and investing his officers evidence of his masonic experience within both this and the neighbouring Province of Warwickshire.

The addresses of the Worcestershire Presiding Team, as ever, contributed to a very special evening for the incoming Master.

Mention of a candidate for advancement was most welcome news to all present.

A small Raffle, together with an Alms collection at the festive board, raised more the £200 for Charity.

100 Club Draw

The winners in the most recent draw of the Provincial 100 club draw are:


No Name Lodge
41 David Brown 1334 Malvern Priory
23 Bernard Hardy 1135 St Egwin
80 David Stean 1135 St Egwin


No Name Lodge
21 Chris Hopes 1351 Malvern Priory
13 Michael Taylor 1462 ASKH
5 John Fleming 590 Athlumney

Stanley Norman Morris 1931-2016

Sorry to report the death of Stanley Norman Morris of St Laurence Lodge No 923 meeting in Redditch.

Norman, as he was better known, died on the 2nd October and we understand that the funeral has already taken place.

Advanced in the St Egwin Lodge No 1135 in Evesham, although he resided in Redditch, he regularly  attended along with his good friends the late Wilf Allbutt and Alex Thomson. When Normans health began to fail and the drive to Evesham became more and more difficult, he decided to move to St Laurence Lodge in Redditch where his friends helped make sure he was able to attend whenever he felt well enough.

He was Elevated into the RAM Degree in St Laurence RAM Lodge No 923.

Norman never progressed to the chair in either lodge. He will however be long remembered as a quietly spoken gentleman and a valued member of his lodges.

Worcestershire Installed Mark Masters Lodge.

Senior Warden W Bro Mel Broadhurst, WM Ron Kindon and the Installing Master W Bro Bill Patey

Senior Warden W Bro Mel Broadhurst, WM Ron Kindon and the installing Master W Bro Bill Patey

Installation meetings are special days in any lodge, even more so when the lodge happens to be one of the most prestigious lodges in the Mark Province of Worcestershire.

A most enjoyable ceremony saw W Bro Ron Kindon PGJD, Installed Master of The Worcestershire Mark Installed Masters Lodge by W Bro Bill Patey PAGDC.

Everyone was delighted with the appearance of R W Bro Stuart Edwards, his progress from the entrance up to the lodge room was seriously delayed by the many well wishers gathered around his wheel chair.

Immediately after opening the lodge the Worshipful Master received a report from the Grand Director of Ceremonies that the Pro Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Richard Victor Wallis JP was in attendance and demanded admittance.

His entrance was welcomed in typical warm Worcestershire style accompanied by rapturous applause,

Following the Installation, the address to the Master was given in excellent manner by the Presiding Officer, Very Worshipful Brother John Anthony King, Deputy PGM.

Just prior to the completion of other business the Pro Grand Master rose to explain “the reason behind my visit today, although I do consider Worcestershire my second masonic home, is in connection with my very good friend of many years R W Bro Stuart Edwards. Explaining how their friendship dated back to the time he first joined the management team at 86 St James’s Street where Stuart was already the Grand Treasurer, not only of the Mark Degree, but of all seven other orders administered from St James’s Street.

He made mention of how Stuarts unfortunate accident had robbed Masonry of the services of an incredible and able person.”It is therefore with great pleasure that I come on the instruction of the Grand Master to promote Stuart to the highest possible rank, that of PGSW, in recognition of the wonderful service given over many years.

This was met with warm applause and obvious pleasure to Stuart who responded with a few well chosen words.

The Pro Grand Master, accompanied by RW Bro Stuart, The PGM R W Bro Eric John Rymer, The DPGM V W Bro John Anthony King, the APGM W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley together with R W Bro Francis Spencer PPGM and R W Bro John Brackley PGSW and the Grand Director of Ceremonies R W Bro Kessick John Jones retired from the lodge prior to the closing.

We have no doubt that every Worcestershire Mason will join us in offering the warmest of congratulations to Stuart. A Gentleman who has the greatest respect and admiration in this and every other order throughout the province and beyond.

Standing L/R R W Bro Frank Spencer, V W Bro John King, R W Bro Kessick Jones R w Bro John Brackleym Mrs Val Edwrads. Front seated MWBro Ricard Wallis RW Bro Sturat Edwards R W Bro Eric Rymer

Standing L/R R W Bro Frank Spencer, V W Bro John King, R W Bro Kessick Jones R W Bro John Brackley, Mrs Val Edwards and W Bro Jeff Whiteley. Front seated M W Bro Richard Victor Wallis RW Bro Sturat Edwards and R W Bro Eric Rymer PGM

Quill and Key Lodge – New Honours Board

Worshipful Master Martyn Hale admires the new board.

Worshipful Master Martyn Hale admires the new board.

A good attendance to witness the Dedication of an Honours Board by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Eric John Rymer at Northfield on Tuesday 25th October.

During his address he welcomed those who had gathered together to participate in or witness the dedication of the Lodges new Honours Board. Saying such boards are common in Lodge rooms (and golf clubs) and can often be a welcome distraction during a tedious part of a meeting. We have all seen brethren gazing in rapt attention at the honours boards in a Lodge room. But why do we have them?

Honour is an abstract concept entailing a perceived quality of worthiness and respectability that affects both the social standing and the self-evaluation of an individual or corporate body such as a family, school, regiment or Lodge. Accordingly, individuals (or corporate bodies) are assigned worth and stature based on the harmony of their actions with a specific code of honour, and the moral code of the society at large.

Dr. Samuel Johnson, in his A Dictionary of the English Language (1755), which is very relevant to us, as a good deal of our ritual was developed using the language around this time, defined honour as having several senses, the first of which was “nobility of soul, magnanimity, and a scorn of meanness.” This sort of honour derives from the perceived virtuous conduct and personal integrity of the person endowed with it. On the other hand, Johnson also defined honour in relationship to “reputation” and “fame”; to “privileges of rank or birth”, and as “respect” of the kind which “places an individual socially and determines his right to precedence.” This sort of honour is not so much a function of moral or ethical excellence, as it is a consequence of power.

These definitions are very much a part of the masonic ethos and are personified in the Worshipful Master. And this is why we have Honours Boards, to commemorate those men of honour who have led their Lodge.


Seated L/R: V W Bro Edward Kettleborough, W Bro Frederick Hall, V W Bro John Anthony King DPGM, R W Bro Eric John Rymer PGM, V W Bro Michael Homer. Standing L/R,W Bro Nigel Bridges(v), W Bro Colin Young, W Bro Vivian Fogarty, W Bro Mervyn Cummings, Bro Dean Clarke, W Bro Michael Taylor, W Bro Brian Scoffield, W Bro Martin Preece, W Bro Mark Winfield, W Bro John Fleming, W Bro Barry Holland, W Bro David Carey, W Bro Martyn Hale WM, W Bro Roger Bennett, W Bro Tom Gray, W Bro Eric Lee, W Bro James Gilmer, W Bro Bernard Mitchell, W Bro Arthur Badger, W Bro Michael Gage, W Bro Adrian Hutt, A visitor, W Bro David Butterworth and W Bro Richard Green.


Arrangements were in place for the Annual Burns Theme Night Event to have taken place on Saturday 21st January 2017.

The Right Worshipful Brother Robert Christopher Vaughan, Provincial Grand Master, will be launching the Worcestershire 2022 Festival at a Dinner Dance to be held at the Chateau Impney Hotel, Droitwich on the same day.

Our commitment to the success of the Craft Festival demands a change of date for our Burns Night,   George is seeking suitable alternative arrangements and a further notice will be released when details are known.


Contact George Simpson 01905 381278  email:

Mosaic Lodge No 1136

The new Master John William Evans

The new Master John William Evans

A great evening at Dudley to see Bro John William Evans Installed as Master of Mosaic Lodge of MMM No 1136 on Friday 28th October. The relaxed and confident manner of the Installing Master, W Bro Ian Thorpe, certainly showed his command of the Mark Ritual.

The lodge members were delighted with the number of brethren who turned out to support them and  even more pleased with a new joining member, W Bro Glyn Condliffe, who was welcomed and promptly appointed Junior Warden during the investiture of officers following the Installation Ceremony.

The Almoner reported on the health of W Bro Derrick Walker. We offer kind regards and best wishes from the Province to both Derrick and his family.

Another fine Worcestershire performance from the Presiding Team added to the enjoyment of all present.

The evening was rounded off with an excellent festive board..

Lechmere Lodge 59 Installation Meeting

W Bro James Mulligan Senior Warden, WM Brian Chadd and W Bro Geoffrey Perry Junior Warden

W Bro James Mulligan Senior Warden, WM Brian Chadd and W Bro Geoffrey Perry Junior Warden

A good attendance enjoyed a very pleasant evening welcoming the new Master of Lechmere Lodge, Brian Chadd, at Rainbow Hill on Tuesday 18th October.

The Installing Master, W Bro Matt Rochelle, can be very proud of his performance in the proceedings, as can the Provincial Installing Team who add so much to all Installations in our province. The Meeting was also attended by a good number of Acting Provincial Officers whose support of the Province is much appreciated, particularly as this was their second visit in as many days.

50 Years a Mark Mason

An excellent attendance including twenty acting Provincial Grand Lodge Officers gathered at Halesowen on Monday 17th October to celebrate W Bro Trevor Rounds completion of 50 years membership of both the Mark Degree and Perseverance Lodge.

L/R V W Bro John Anthony King Deputy PGM, RW Bro Eric John Rymer PGM, W Bro Trevor Round and W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley Assistant PGM

L/R V W Bro John Anthony King Deputy PGM, RW Bro Eric John Rymer PGM, W Bro Trevor Round and W Bro Jeffrey William Whiteley Assistant PGM

Prompted by the PGM, Trevor spoke of his birth and early years living in Birmingham. His chosen employment took him into electrical engineering, specialising in design and development research.

Having gained considerable experience Trevor started his own company which flourished leading to his setting up of an additional company which also developed into a thriving and successful company.

Trevor, in conjunction with others, was responsible for the development of a component part used extensively in the manufacture of all refuse vehicles.

Married to Valerie they have two daughters and two grand children.

Now retired Trevor has found attendance at Lodge rather difficult recently.Trevor’s emotional response following the presentation was evidence of how overwhelmed he was at the support shown by both his brothers in lodge and from the province in general.

Our PGM had a busy night being also called upon to present a Grand Lodge Certificate to Bro Matt Harris before we all retired to enjoy a very pleasant festive board.

Presentation and Dedication



A packed Rainbow Hill witnessed the Dedication of a new Banner in the Provincial Directors of Ceremonies Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1813 on Saturday 8th October 2016.





The Banner was gifted to the lodge by the current Worshipful Master RW Bro Francis Charles Spencer and dedicated by RW Bro Eric John Rymer Provincial Grand Master.


Our picture has L/R W Bro Paul Anthony Milner, RW Bro James Bennett Truswell Senior Warden, RW Bro Eric John Rymer PGM, RW Bro Francis Charles Spencer Worshipful Master, VW Bro James William Sharpley Junior Warden and W Bro Justin Trevelyn Parker Provincial Grand Chaplain.

Stability Lodge to Continue

During a regular meeting of Stability Lodge MMM at Stourbridge on Tuesday the 11th October W Bro Howard Carlton, Immediate Past Master,  entertained the members and guests with a very interesting Historical Paper on Freemasonry.

Members with the PGMAfter thanking W Bro Howard for a most enjoyable paper, and the completion of other matters mentioned on the summons, the Worshipful Master opened discussions on a proposal to surrender the lodge warrant.

Frank open discussion focused on the difficulties recently experienced regards the small number of members. The PGM, R W Bro Eric John Rymer, addressed the members saying how sorry he was that the lodge was experiencing difficulties, particularly that the surrender of the warrant was a possibility.


Explaining some alternatives the lodge might explore he made mention of several lodges who having been in similar circumstances had, with a little help from others, managed to create a dramatic turnaround of fortune leading to a considerable growth in numbers. He promised his full support, together with that of the province, in helping the lodge in whatever way possible, whilst stressing that he recognised it was for the members to decide the future of their lodge.

Further discussion ensued. The members encouraged by the PGM’s talk coupled with the promise of help from the Province decided that they would put off thought of surrendering the warrant for the present.

Our picture shows seven members of the lodge together with the Provincial Grand Master R W Bro Eric John Rymer.

Burns Theme Night 2017

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons of Worcestershire

Burns Theme Night – Saturday 21st January 2017, 6:30pm for 7:00pm

Masonic Centre, Rainbow Hill, Worcester

Open to Masons and Friends

The date of this event is subject to alteration – alternative date will be posted when known.

Fairways Lodge Cleobury Mortimer.

A strong attendance at the most recent meeting of the Fairways Lodge on Thursday 6th October witnessed  the presentation of a petition to form a new Mark Lodge sponsored by the membership of the Fairways Lodge.

The new lodge, to be known as Vea Secunda Lodge, will be of special interest to those who are interested in Travel or more specifically the many forms of travel.

Like the sponsoring lodge it will be parapetitic in nature meeting at various locations following its consecration which the founders hope will take place at Rainbow Hill, Worcester in the spring of next year. The date and attendance booking details will be available in good time nearer the date.

The Petition was presented by RW Bro Frank Spencer the Founding Master accompanied by W Bro Martyn Hale – Founding Senior Warden and W Bro Adrian Hutt – Founding Secretary. Confirming the intentions of the Fairways Lodge as Sponsors of the lodge, W M John Icke, wished the new lodge every success pointing out that a Lodge which united the common interests of members with the Fraternal Fellowship of Freemasonry stood every chance of success. The members of the Fairways Lodge look forward to being present at the Consecration and on the occasion of the new Lodges first Advancement Ceremony.

R W Bro Frank Spencer thanked the WM and the members of the Fairways Lodge for their very kind thoughts, and expressed further delight at the promise of a dedicated Members Register to be gifted to the lodge at the consecration.

Earlier in the day thirty four golfers played a Stableford Competition with the scoring reflecting the excellent playing conditions.

Clifford Bull scored best among the members with 37 points becoming the outright winner of the Silver Claret Jug with the title of Champion of 2016.

Tony Marshall took the visitors prize with 37 points but will contest the members category next year having signed up to join the lodge following ” a wonderful and most enjoyable day”.

Gerry Logue won the longest Drive and nearest the pin, however as a result of the lodge rule of only one prize per member our WM was the lucky runner up.

In a fun moment it was reported that JJ Pritchard had requested his playing partners to “make diligent search for a ball which had been lost on the course”.  Steve Mingo reported that he had found it which prompted the WM to present Steve with a box of new balls saying ” richly rewarded shall be he who succeeds in finding it”.

All in All a great day with a tremendous buzz about the festive board with the members and guests looking forward to “OUR NEXT MERRY MEETING”.

A Special thank you to Terry Davies and Eric Humphries for setting up the lodge rooms and to David Smith who arrived very early in the morning and was able to help.

Welcome to new Members

Recent additions to our numbers include:


Bro Allan James Bretherton who was Advanced in St Georges Lodge No 1920 on the 5th September 2016

Bro  Scott Allan McGann who was Advanced in Stechford Lodge No 747 on the 24th September 2016

W Bro Reginald Albert Francis Willsher who became a Joining member of All Saints Kings Heath Lodge No 1462 on 13th September 2016

Clive Frederick Howe who became a joining Member of Stechford Lodge No 747 on 24th September 2016


A new member for St Egwin RAM Lodge




Bro Gerald Desmond Fagg who was Elevated in St Egwin Lodge No 1135 on 3rd October 2016.

On an evening when the lodge also held a well attended business meeting in the Mark Degree.

Help Find Missing Sword

kent-prov sword


Please spread the word to be on the look out for anyone offering to sell this Ceremonial Sword.

It belongs to the Province of Kent and was in the car, of a Provincial Officer, which was stolen.

The car has since been found minus the sword – please contact our Provincial Information Officer through this site if you see or hear of anything that might prove useful in tracing the Sword.