Other Appointments and Promotions from 6th June 2020

Rule 78 Past Ranks

PPrGJW V W Bro P G Marshall PGJO 1813
PPrGJW W Bro C A E Nixon PAGDC 1943

First Appointments to Past Rank

PPrGSD W Bro G C Harper 733
PPrGSD W Bro D M Yates 1822
PPrGSD W Bro R H James 1920


PPrGSW W Bro R A Brookes PPrGJW 1135
PPrGSW W Bro G R Crew PPrGJW 1334
PPrGJW W Bro I S McCafferty PPrGInspWks 330
PPrGJW W Bro N H Jones PPrGMO 590
PPrGJW W Bro R D Barrett PPrGSO 590
PPrGJW W Bro D J L Allen PPrGJO 1334
PPrGSO W Bro M H R Cole PPrGSwdB 893
PPrGSO W Bro G K Humphreys PPrGInspWks 977
PPrGSD W Bro N J E Crabbe PrAGSec 923
PPrGJD W Bro G M Watkins PrGStwd 923

Brethren appointed to assist the Provincial Team

Information Officer W Bro D J Hughes PrGMO
IT Officer and Webmaster W Bro N J E Crabbe PrAGSec
Membership Officer W Bro S Walker
Grand Officer Liaison V W Bro B P Scoffield PGJO
Denonstration and Support Team W Bro M J Winfield PPrGJW

Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank

(19th May 2020)

W Bro B R Chadd 59 W Bro D L Serrell 330
W Bro Dr H Carlton 590 W Bro J A Davies 667
W Bro M W Dancer 733 W Bro P R Ross 1135
W Bro A Clift (obiit) 1462 W Bro C Haywood 1623