Appointments and Promotions 30th June 2018

Appointments to Past Rank

PPrGSD W Bro W G Gregory 1135
PPrGSD W Bro T G Brown 1623
PPrGJD W Bro R K Abbotts 667


PPrGSW W Bro M R Hancox 330
PPrGJW W Bro S J Wyer 590
PPrGJW W Bro W Timmins 733
PPrGJW W Bro P M Ransome 923
PPrGJW W Bro D A Stanford 977
PPrGMO W Bro R C Moore 747
PPrGMO W Bro P Eastbury 1334
PPrGSO W Bro M D Gibbs 330
PPrGJO W Bro G W Lamb 59
PPrGJO W Bro W Liggins 747
PProvGSD W Bro I C Potts 1462
PProvGSD W Bro I E J England 1462

Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank (15th May 2018)

W Bro W L Patey 59 W Bro L W Brown 747
W Bro M H Rochelle 59 W Bro G M Watkins 923
W Bro M J Winfield 330 W Bro W G Gregory 1135
W Bro R K Abbotts 667 W Bro R H Parry 1260