Appointments and Promotions 8th June 2019

Appointments to Past Rank

PPrGSW W Bro J C B Pedley 733
PPrGJW W Bro J W Sharpley PGJO 1813
PPrGJW W Bro P G Orton PGJO 1943


PPrGJW W Bro W B Mitchell 1136
PPrGJW W Bro C Haywood 1623
PPrGJW W Bro B J Nutt 1822
PPrGSO W Bro G E Bradley 747
PPrGSO W Bro K T Hill 1351
PPrGSO W Bro T G Woolley 1462
PPrGJO W Bro D J Bell 1260
PPrGJO W Bro M R G Painter 1260

Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank (21st May 2019)

W Bro C R Hopes 59 W Bro R A F Willsher 1462
W Bro G Vale 667 W Bro R S Gale 1623
W Bro M J Creighan 747 W Bro D K Kingscott 1822
W Bro P A Hill 1135